The Other Woman.. !!

It was 11pm in the night and as usual Neha was staying back late night in office. She had made her work her everything ever since she had separated from Arjun. Everything was good between both of them for the first 2 years of their marriage but don’t know how that other woman came in Arjun’s life and everything in their relationship went for a toss. In today’s lifestyle we all have multiple doors of exit from a relationship but it requires some genuine efforts to stay there. Arjun and Neha were a perfect couple till that other woman made the inroads.

She was working when a pop up from the corner of her screen came up. It was a friends request from Snigdha. She was astonished to see her friends request, however, she opened the website and had a look at Snigdha’s profile. Neha, above all was a very clear minded and a strong headed woman. Anyway it was more than 5 years since she separated from Arjun, she accepted Snigdha’s request to connect. Within a few seconds there was another pop up, this time it was a message from Snigdha saying ‘Hi..’. And then there was a series of messages from her.

‘I wasn’t hopeful that you will accept my request.’

‘I can’t even tell you in words how guilty I am for what I did to you in the name of love. I am really very sorry Neha. Please forgive me if you can, you have always been the wisest amongst three of us.’

Neha was reading all these messages but she wasn’t feeling any type of emotion. That’s what such a severe emotional strain does to you. You just stop feeling anything. Neha however replied, ‘It wasn’t your fault completely. Somewhere I had kept those doors open from where you sneaked in. I thought I was giving him room. Anyway, you have my forgiveness but just one request, I do not want to be in touch with my past therefore it will be better if we don’t talk after this. Hoping you can do atleast this much for me.’

Snigdha replied, ‘Thank you so much for the forgiveness. I will not contact you or even him. I am going away, far away. Before going I really wanted to confess my guilt to you and say sorry. One more thing, I don’t know about myself but he surely doesn’t deserve you. God is watching, we get results for whatever we do in this life only. I have paid for what I did to you and he will pay for what he did to both of us. Sorry and Thank you, once again.’ and she went offline.

Neha switched off her laptop and left for home. She was thinking about what just happened. Why all of a sudden after all these years this woman had decided to talk to her. And what was she saying, what wrong Arjun had done to her. As far as she knew they were happily living together. She couldn’t sleep at all that night thinking about all this. Chapters which were closed half a decade back have opened again. She was all the more disturbed as she was a firm believer in the signs. Neha had a strong feeling that this is not stopping here and there is surely more to it and she wasn’t ready to face her past or things from the past again.

A week later it was Rehan’s birthday and Neha was invited to the birthday party. Rehan was Arjun’s best friend Ankit’s son. Ankit despite Arjun’s childhood best friend was at Neha’s side when things were falling apart between Neha and Arjun. Though meeting them reminds her of her past but Rehan was Neha’s favourite ever since he was born. She couldn’t say a ‘No’ for Rehan. At the party while talking to Neha in a silent corner Ankit told her that Snigdha tried to commit suicide last week but saved by a vigilant neighbour. Neha’s eyes opened wide listening to this because same day she messaged Neha as well. That means she was really so much distressed that she chose to end her life. She felt pained for her as a woman and a drop of tear escaped from the corner of her eye. Immediately she left from the party and decided to go back home.

Don’t know what came to her mind but she turned her car towards Snigdha’s home. As she knocked at the door a frail bodied woman opened the door. She was shocked to see her. Snigdha she knew was a well built gorgeous woman for whom Arjun fell. Snigdha on the other hand couldn’t control her tears seeing Neha. A strong urge hit her and she hugged Neha tightly and started crying. By now the caring side of Neha too took over. She held her with warmth and her eyes were filled as well.

Neha took her inside and made her sit. Snigdha kept crying for hours sitting besides Neha. Her pain was multiplied by the guilt of what she did to Neha. She told Neha how an year later Arjun dumped her as well even knowing she was pregnant. She had no option but to abort the baby. Snigdha was in deep state of shock and mental trauma, even more than what Neha was 5 years ago. Also because Neha was very strong headed as well. Neha sensed that even though Snigdha was saved once but her behaviour is a lot suicidal and it is not good to let her alone.

Neha took Snigdha to her home till she feels better. It wasn’t easy at all for Neha to get along or care for the woman because of whom her own life was destroyed but I think the pain was the connection between them. That’s how human relations are , sometimes they bond very strongly even over the strangest of reasons. Gradually as the time passed Snigdha’s condition improved and so is their relation. Though Snigdha’s guilt hasn’t left her but Neha’s anger for her definitely mellowed down. As the time progressed further their connection took the shape of a beautiful friendship. They started going out together, partying, laughing and enjoying life together.

When anyone enquires, Neha would tell them she is her cousin from Bombay because she knew no one will understand. Their bond was complicated and a logic beyond explanation but they truly share a beautiful relationship. A friendship which is a learning for others. Sometime all we need is to drop the baggage we carry and look at beautiful side of even the ugliest situations in life.


  1. Beautiful Story. I agree that the crux of living is let things go. Don't carry baggage and life will be.much more beautiful. What has happened cannot be reversed so accept, forget and move on.


  2. such beautiful emotionally charged story. I am fan of such fiction. You have an avid fan in me buddy. Extra marital is a dark territory to write on and the subject is just wow


  3. Your characters are so real and strong that it doesn't feel like a story. Whenever I read your write ups I have imaginary figures in front of me.
    Kudos for another great story and Thanks for keeping me informed!!
    Waiting for the next one now 🙂


  4. Very nice story Rahul!! Hopefully people read such good stories and make use of it in their life to make them better… cheers to you bro ����


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