First step towards Freedom – Rishikesh Trip by Planetabled

More than 2 years since I had a trip outside NCR so I was desperately looking for an opportunity to sneaak out and then one day while I was talking to Neha she told me that she’s planning a trip to Rishikesh. I was a little skeptical initially as I haven’t traveled without family ever but since I had the backing from Neha and Planet Abled team there weren’t second thoughts. Though convincing parents was an uphill task, over protective clan.
There were no fears but a few questions regarding the accessibility of the place and accessible washrooms, etc kept popping up but then that’s the fun part, when you don’t exactly know what are you getting into. This trip was very important for me not just for the fun part but also because this trip, if successful will open a lot of travel avenues for me and definitely a boost for my self confidence.

It was a wonderful experience, let’s start with the road trip first. The stretch from Rishikesh to Shivpuri was awesome with the breath taking beauty of mountains and the river Ganges flowing quietly, cutting its way through them. Then the resort where we stayed was awesome. It had the hills on the three sides and the jungle was almost intruding through it’s lawns. One can just imagine these sights or see them in movies.

Planet Abled had advised the resort management well in advance about the varied requirements of it’s differently abled travelers like accessibility of rooms, washrooms, food preferences, etc.

Now a little about my fellow travelers too. So there was this guy very enthusiastic about everything, from the famous Ganga Arti in Rishikesh to the nature walk uphill or the Rafting and Zip lining, this guy was game for everything. Then there were two ladies on wheelchair in their 60s but still very excited about rafting. And then there was me, a lazy ass who just wanted to sit in the lawn in the resort and soak in the sun while staring at the mountains. While I did not join the group for rafting but I got to know that they enjoyed it a lot and almost had a ‘Zindagi na milegi dobara’ moment.. when everyone went silent for a couple of minutes because they were in ‘Awe’ of the nature..

I might will not be able explain in words how it felt when I was seeing what I’d imagined. The feeling, when you are sitting in a lawn and talking to the mountains. While you were talking to the mountains some beautiful birds in the adjacent jungle get jealous and start calling you out to come and meet them as well. I may sound a little over-dramatic but these were exactly the feelings I was going through.
I must say I’m very impressed the way Planet Abled has managed this tour, from the itinery, the resort or managing the rafting and zip lining for the group. From getting the required approvals to handling the safety part for its travelers. Everything was very well planned and executed with perfection. Team Planet Abled was fully equipped and well trained to cater to the different needs or requirements.     
It was really a great experience. Someone came to quench their thirst for adventure and someone like me was there for the peace of mind. I think by the end of the trip everyone has got what they were looking for. Not only the peace of mind, as a writer I have also got the opportunity to enrich my soul with those moments and inspirations. In some way or other, it will keep reflecting in my stories for some time now. That old man who narrated me the stories while putting the wood in the bonfire still visits me in my dreams 🙂

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