My ‘Very’ Short Love Story !!

First time I saw her when she came to the book store and trust me I never believed in love at first sight before that moment. She was so full of life and someone with a rare ability to carry all type of emotions in the absolute right quantity. I still remember that when she looked at the cover of the book she almost fell for it and after reading the synopsis she said “I’m buying this book, already in love with this character.” Don’t know if she meant that but I fell in love with her for sure.
It was the Saturday afternoon so she headed straight to a near buy Starbucks. She was so desperate to start reading the book that she took out the book first and ordered her coffee later. And me… well I was just looking at her beautiful face all this while and wondering how can someone be so beautiful like an imaginary character straight out of fiction. She was completely lost in the book and graph of her facial expressions was moving along the story. While I was happy with the author for writing things which could make her smile but in the same breath I was upset too seeing her upset.  For once she was almost about to cry and in that moment I was wishing if I could hold her hand and say “Don’t be sad, read further, he will be fine.”
A few hours passed just like that. We were so engrossed in each other that we didn’t even care about the time. Sorry correction, she was engrossed in the book and I was all engrossed in her.  I must say she was a quick reader, by now she was almost at the climax of the story and I was sad that this all would end very soon.
While I was little upset about her finishing the book and an inevitable end of these beautiful moments, life was planning even bigger setbacks for me. A guy came near her table. At first she did not notice him but as she noticed she got up and hugged him. They had a little conversation and the guy sat beside her, well close enough to burn a hole in my heart. No seriously, I was upset, very very upset with her in that moment. Five minutes ago you were smiling, laughing, crying for that character in the book and right now this guy is sitting with you and you are all for her. You’re allowing him to sit so close to you and even he’s holding your hand.
When I was battling with all sort of these negative emotions a thought struck me and gave me a ray of hope. May be he’s just a friend, a close one probably. She might not be liking this touching, holding hands and all but may be the guy is too sticky and she‘s just too polite to yell on him at a public place.
Keeping hopes is good but equal are the chances of them getting shattered. As they say ‘Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst’, well I wasn’t prepared for it.
The guy stood up from the couch, pulled out something from his pocket and sat on his knees on the floor. He raised his hand towards her; it was a ring in his hand. She was all red and blushing as he was proposing her. I was praying to God that she says a ‘No’ but no, she said ‘Yes’ and they kissed. He held her hand and both of them start walking out towards the door.
Book was left behind on the table. I was shattered, all of this came to an end with the same speed and intensity as it was once started. I wish someone could pass this message to her:
My beautiful Reader,
I just wish that we could be a part of each other’s story. Either you could be with me as my beloved in this book or I could be the guy who just proposed you.
Love always,
The character of the book you just smiled, laughed and cried for..  


  1. Writers like you make us believe that characters in novel can be living creature like us and they can also fall in love with us.. 🙂 A good perspective!!

    I really liked that part when he was all engrossed in her.. that was beautifully written and expressed.. kudos to that!!

    Great going buddy 🙂


  2. It all seemed so real…….like the writer i too got engrossed thinking for a minute ……thats its a true story …..could vividly imagine everything as it is written and expressed so beautifully !!! Kudos


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