Across The Wall..!!

We do not forget some people and some faces in life. This is strange, many of the faces or people I have encountered in last 15 years have been forgotten but not her. 
It was my first day in the new school. School used to start at 8 am but since it was my first day I reached by quarter to 8. An attendant from the lobby followed me to show my classroom. It was an empty room except just one girl sitting at the end of the first row. She seemed a little upset but I didn’t dare to talk as I didn’t even know her.   
She noticed some presence in the classroom and looked up for a moment. I gave her that quick-first look smile but she did not respond and in fact stood up and went out of the room. Yes, it was a strange gesture but those eyes.. they said a thousand words in that one second. Many of us actually don’t mean it, when we say “Love at first sight” but in that one moment I experienced that. 

There was a whole world in her eyes, the world behind the curtains and always inviting you to the other side. She’s looking at me or not, it always used to seem that those eyes were talking to me. Eventually we became good friends and came even closer but every time when I tried to look in those eyes she would distract me. She never wanted anyone to look in her eyes and read her secret. She herself was as good a mystery as her eyes and one day in those mysterious circumstances she left without informing anyone. A few months later, I received a letter saying.
“You’re one of the most genuine person I know, always be like that. And, I love you too but can’t come back. Please do not respond back to this letter….”
I knew it was her, nobody else it could be. 
Many years passed by but my longing for her never decreased. There were times when I would wake up at 3 am in the night and start searching for her or any clues about her on the internet but all in vain. Those eyes kept coming in my dreams and used to talk to me but talk to me in a language that only my sub conscious mind would understand and the conscious mind would just feel a desperate urge to look for her or find her.
A few months back, I was just surfing Facebook and I looked at a photo on which one of my friend was tagged. There was a girl in a red checkered shirt with a glass of wine in her hand. She was very gorgeous but more than that what struck me were her eyes. She had exactly the same eyes, the eyes I’m searching madly since ages. Without caring about what she would think I sent her the friend’s request, which to my luck, she even accepted a few minutes later. I felt like I was waiting for this moment for more than a decade. I messaged her and soon the conversation started. 

Gradually we started talking regularly and not much surprisingly, it wasn’t just her eyes but her persona too resembled a lot. One day we were talking and discussing the plans for the coming weekend when she asked me if I would like to join her for a long drive. I agreed in an instant and was excited as hell.
On Saturday, sharp at 11 am she was there. She was honking to call me outside. As I was picking up my stuff I just peeked outside the window from the curtains half split. My eyes fell on her, she was looking so beautiful. I rushed out and sat beside her in the car. She opened the door and got out of the car throwing the keys at me. 
“You will drive and I’ll just relax. I’ll tell you a story as well “she said with a little smirk.
“What story…!” I asked to which she replied 
“Don’t ask too many questions or I’m going back home right now”.   
“Ok, Ok relax” I tried to calm her down while I started the ignition of the engine.
We drove for some 15 kilometres on the highway. I was just thinking of taking a right turn towards a resort but she interrupted my thoughts and asked me to take a left turn, as she would have been reading my mind. I told her that I’m not aware of this route and we might get lost but she said she knows the route very well and I should not worry and just enjoy the lovely weather and the rainy drive.
After an uncomfortable silence for a couple of minutes she asked “Story time?”
I said “Why not” and gave her a smile. She started:
“Once upon a time there was a king who was very kind but very defensive and insecure. One day he got to know that there is a wall just outside the kingdom and anyone who had crossed that wall hadn’t come back. This news got king very curious and he decided to see that wall himself. Many of his ministers advised him not to go as no one ever came back from across the wall and what lies across is a mystery but king was firm on his decision. 
Next day he went there with 5 of his bravest soldiers. First soldier climbed the wall and got very excited looking at the other side and jumped off. After a few hours when he did not return second soldier too climbed the wall, he too was very happy and excited looking at the other side. He too jumped off. This went on and all 5 of his brave soldiers jumped to the other side and never came back. This incidence made king very anxious and he decided to go himself. He managed to climb the wall and as soon as he looked at the other side there was a gleam on his face as well and he too jumped on the other side of the wall and never came back..”
“Then..?” I asked her, she said “This is it, story is finished”. “Huh, what a strange story..” I replied.
A minute later she asked me to stop the car. To our left there was a wall but beyond the wall, I could see hill ranges. Though I could not see what’s right down there but far away those hills were looking very beautiful and mesmerizing. I was amazed by the beauty of the place and was surprised that how come I didn’t know of this place till now. There was a nip in the air and trust me it was a mystic feel around. One can feel something magical in the air. While I was lost in my thoughts she sneaked out of the car and climbed the wall. Her eyes lit up as she looked down the wall, she looked at me and said “It was great knowing you.. always be as genuine as you are.” 

She smiled at me and then she looked down and jumped.
Now if I tell you that girl in the school was nothing but the dream and an aspiration that everyone of us has somewhere hidden deep inside, something we truly long for. The girl I met on the Facebook was nothing but our dependency on others, be it emotionally or otherwise and we get so dependent that we tie up everything in life to that one person. And lastly, the world across the wall which gets everyone so excited is a perfect world of our dreams. But since we are always dependent on someone else to make things perfect for us, that world remains only in imagination and out of bound for us. 

Hence, we keep toggling between the reality and a perfect parallel world.


  1. Your writing is going good to great! 🙂
    But honestly speaking i love the way you portray those small small things which brings reader's imagination to reality and it feels as i'm part of this story..things like – sitting at the end of the first row , quick-first look smile , peeked outside the window from the curtains half split , she would have been reading my mind…and many more such things.
    The best part is that after reading your stories i feel the urge for more…and feels like it shouldn't end too soon and i must keep on reading and reading 🙂
    Love u bro!!! …keep writing and shining!


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