Walked Away..

It was city’s best hospital for many reasons but one of the most important reasons of all was their preparedness to handle trauma cases. It has one of the best trauma Centre in whole of Asia but scene in a trauma Centre is always painful to watch no matter how great the facilities and staff is. Dr. Talwar is their best in the Dept. and he himself is handling the case of Rahul and Aaditi.

Rahul Singh was the heir in line of succession for the family’s mammoth automobile business. Rahul met Aaditi at a business meet and he fell in love with her in the very first interactions they had. Rahul, being a little shy person who takes time to open up fell immensely in love for the quirky and the chirpy presenter of the event, Aaditi Abrol. 
As they say that opposites attract was absolutely apt for these two. After a little friction Rahul’s family agreed to their bond and got them hitched the same year. Initially the couple was very lovey dovey but as the time progressed Rahul got busier with work and used to get very little time for Aaditi.

Aaditi who left her job after marriage too started to feel that intensity of their relationship has gone dull. Though whatever little time Rahul used to get he tried to spend that with her but Aaditi felt he’s just doing that merely as a duty. After all this, the best trait about their relationship is that they wouldn’t fight and Aaditi and Rahul would always keep that smile on, when out of home. 

That day as they got in the car Aaditi said, “Rahul can I say something?” “Sure, since when you need my permission to say something to me, if that’s the case then I should use these powers judiciously.. haha” Rahul replied with a little joke but Aaditi’ s face was straight not smiling even a bit. ” In every couple there exists a lover and the other partner is just habitual of their relationship and the partner. I think in our relationship you’re that other partner for whom I’m just a habit.” Aaditi said with eyes filled. Rahul was quietly listening to this but a little worried too because he wasn’t sure if Aaditi was wrong completely. He kept his hand on Aaditi’s hand and said “May be this theory is wrong in our case and both the partners love each other.” Hearing these words from Rahul was a big thing for Aaditi and tears fell from her eyes as she couldn’t control.

Trauma Centre was swarming with the hospital staff and the patients and their families. The accident on the highway has seen many casualties. There were noises of people crying with pain and some with the sorrow.

Amidst all these visuals and noises Rahul and Aaditi were sitting on a pavement at the end of the corridor. Rahul had his face covered and was sobbing. His shirt was soaked in blood but he himself wasn’t hurt much in the accident. Aaditi was sitting beside him with one arm around Rahul and was trying to soothe him. “Rahul calm down, it wasn’t your fault completely. You did try your best to avoid the collision but speed of your car didn’t support you. That’s why I always tell you to drive with a reasonable speed. Anyways be calm now. You can’t change whatever has happened, has happened.”
Rahul seemed to ignore what Aaditi was saying and got up to walk towards Dr. Talwar. 

Dr. Talwar was standing beside a stretcher and there was someone lying on the stretcher with a covered face. Aaditi saw Rahul’s worried face and followed him. As she approached where Rahul and Dr. Talwar were standing she noticed that someone running towards her but she didn’t have time to move aside and in a fraction of second that person crossed through her. Aaditi was shocked as she moved closer to Rahul she saw her body lying on the stretcher besides Dr. Talwar. Now she knew why Rahul kept crying and wasn’t listening to her.

Dr. Talwar was consoling Rahul and at the same time he asked Rahul if he allows then they can save the life of an eight year old kid by transplanting Aaditi’s heart in her. Aaditi was listening to this conversation but she knew Rahul will not agree to what Dr. Talwar was saying. She wanted to tell Rahul that it doesn’t matter if he cremates her body with heart or without a heart. She desperately wanted to save the life of that kid but was feeling very helpless because she wasn’t able to convey.

Rahul was standing beside the stretcher and for a moment he felt like Aaditi held his hand in a way that she wanted to say him a ‘Goodbye’. Coming back to the senses, he looked at Aaditi’s  body and then her face. He noticed calm and a little smile on her face. Rahul being a true believer in the instincts now knew what would make Aaditi happy.

6 months later:

Rahul’s phone rang. “Rahul uncle I’ll not cut my cake if you wouldn’t come and don’t forget my birthday gift.” Little Ananya said. It was her 9th birthday. Rahul came back early from office as he had to buy Ananya’s gift before going at her birthday party.
As she was cutting her cake and celebrating, Rahul’s mind was just playing the conversation they had before the accident, on loop.

“Tell her that she’s not just a habit, I still love her a lot.” Rahul whispered in Ananya’s ears. “To whom, Rahul uncle?” Anaya asked.

Rahul just smiled with the teary eyes and walked away.  


  1. Loved every bit of it…esp the last few lines took my heart away, tell her shes nt a habit n i still love her…kudos to u for serving such a lovely one


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