A Friend Request

Sometimes we can’t recall a specific incident that happened just yesterday but some incidents even after years are so clear in our mind like they’ve occurred right at this very moment. I think that’s what makes any incident a moment. When we recall those special moments in life we are filled with extreme emotions some are relished and some just bring pain but there is a lot that goes behind making any ordinary incident a moment. A moment worth saving down the memory box of your life.

It was like any other boring weekend when I was fiddling between the tabs opened on my internet browser. Specifically when you sit down to write something your mind definitely wanders a lot, though it is not good for a writer when he loses the plot of his story wandering around but sometimes it does provide you a different perspective or all together a whole new story. And if any such story comes out of your computer screen and takes the shape of reality then that’s certainly worth living at least once, not thinking about the outcome.

I was trying hard concentrating on the plot and thinking to myself that I have to finish writing this story else the editor of an e-zine (for which I used to write a weekly story) will go mad but then, I saw a Facebook notification popping out on the other open tab of my browser, it was a comment from a friend of my friend on whose post I left a reply. It was such an intimidating comment that I couldn’t control myself from replying to that girl and then a comment over a comment from both the sides till my friend intervened to sort that out between us. There was nothing serious but for some pure sadistic pleasure I did end up writing a few comments, on which someone could take an offense. I realized this quickly and left a sorry on the Facebook messenger for her. While profiling her I noticed one of her picture. I couldn’t just take my eyes off her eyes in that picture. “Seriously..such beautiful eyes, one can win the Booker’s prize if would be able to describe them in words.” I thought to myself.

Suddenly the guy in me got excited and I posted the same thing as a message to her. While I knew she might not like it but then I have just told her my genuine admiration, I thought. By this time I was completely off the track from my writing. Suddenly my phone beeped, it was her. Don’t know why but strangely I was bit nervous opening her message. It was just half an hour that I know her then why this anxiety, I thought. Anyways, I opened her message and she said “It’s ok.. Thank You”.
Seems like she didn’t mind neither my comments nor my admiration for her eyes, perhaps she might have liked it, I thought and smiled bit sheepishly. In no time after that I had hit the “Add As Friend” button on her profile and not too much surprise she accepted it promptly. After that for a couple of days I tried to keep my attraction for her in check but ended up liking a few pictures and posts on her profile.

The more you suppress somethings the more they want to come out. The interactions between us kept on increasing from occasional hellos and HIs to more frequent conversations. Not to mention we graduated out of Facebook quite quickly and started chatting on WhatsApp and exchanging texts and images. Gradually we stepped out of social media to meet each other in reality. By this time all the boundaries between the social media and the real world were dissolved. All we always looked for, was a way to talk to each other, to be in touch all the time, 24*7. These meetings and dates kept on increasing day by day as we inched closer. Everything was good and going exactly according to the plan.

By now, we were discussing about our marriage and future. But as we started discussing things more elaborately and frankly and were moving away from illusionary world towards the world of actual reality, we started experiencing frictions. Frictions based on our different thought processes and sometimes some of our habits. All those things on which we used to joke around while we used to chat have actually started irritating us when we were facing them in real. All of a sudden there was a paradigm shift in my feelings I could see, perhaps it’s the same situation with her as well. Things started taking unpleasant turns and the irritation levels have started rising between us. One day we decided to quit rather than picturing everything black. We parted ways so that it doesn’t get ugly.

But now when I think, I realize that it wasn’t so bad. Even the points where we didn’t agree mutually were not that big that we wouldn’t hold on to each other. There could surely be a little adjustments and compromises here and there but in totality they wouldn’t have been so big that we had let each other go. Actually, when we are in the world of illusions we paint everything by our convenience and choices but when those things form a real picture we realize it’s not what I’d painted. If we are lucky it could turn out even brighter but mostly it’s the other way round.

I thought to myself that even if it’s the other way round and somewhat less bright than what I’d thought, still it isn’t so bad that I let the whole thing go and here again I’m on her profile page, looking at the those beautiful eyes.

Once again, all it needs is a ‘Friend Request’ to start but this time with a little more maturity, conviction, intent and efforts to take it through all the rough weathers.



  1. Last line says it all. When we enter into a relationship all seems bright and cheerful, but we forget every relationship needs work. Work in the form of understanding, comprises, sacrifices and of course, maturity. From experience, all I can say is – never let those who make you happy go away. You seldom meet such people. A beautiful and honest post, Rahul.


  2. Nicely written. Marriage talks changes a lot and marriage itself is a n entirely different world. A friend request is easy to send, but maintaining a meaningful relationship for years, needs much more.


  3. I think this in this age of virtual and real world juggling, this scenario is encountered by a lot of us at some point of time. Its easy to send in friend requests and exachange numbers but maintaining and surviving relations is indeed a tough deal. Good attempt!


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