The Secret: Laws of attraction (Rhonda Byrne Vs. Rahul Rawal)

I have been recommended this book several times since its launch in 2006 but I never really got the chance to purchase it myself and those who suggested only suggested and no one gifted one to me.. LOL
Anyways finally recently I bought this book. Out of excitement I clicked the photo of its cover and posted on my Facebook wall. Previously when I have shared anything about the book I’m reading I haven’t gained much attention but with this book I have turned lots of heads. By the time I haven’t started reading it till today, I was all the more excited to see the responses from my friends who seem to be really motivated and moved by this great book.
Finally today I started reading this and read its Chapter 1 which talks about the laws of attraction of the universe. Once I finished chapter 1 I felt an urge to share a short story with you all but before narrating that story I’ll share a few quotes directly from ‘The Secret’ Chapter 1 so that my friends who haven’t read this book would also be able to connect to it.

If you read these quotes or if you’ve read this book you would know that the author very strongly believes in the power of thoughts and in the power of laws of attraction. According to the author and his many fellow authors you can achieve anything as precise as you can think of. One of the co-author even suggested that this law works precisely and as accurately as you think. He/she suggests that your thoughts are as good as radio frequencies and attracts the energies and like thoughts from across the universe to make the exact picture of your thoughts into a reality. One of them even suggests that 1% of the population have 96% of the World’s wealth because that 1% population is doing what they’re suggesting in this book, means they are wording their thoughts with precision. Does rest of the 99% is that stupid specie? 
I met one of the firm believers of this book today and she explained to me with an example. She suggested if you say ‘I wish parking doesn’t get full when I reach’ then you’ll not find the parking but instead if you’ll say ‘I will get the parking’ then you would surely get it. Strange but true for her.
Ok, now let me tell you a short story, the story of a little boy.
There was this little chap somewhere around 6-7 years of age. He suffered from polio when he was just a year old due to which he couldn’t walk or even stand. When he watches all his friends running, jumping and playing all around him he too wanted to do all that. When he watches them walking on the street with their parents, he too wanted to do that but he couldn’t ever do that.
But he was a kid and like all kids he too believed in miracles. He always believed firmly that one day he’ll be all fine running, jumping and playing like all his friends. We all know we can’t compete with the focus level of a kid and we can’t ever beat the purity of his thoughts. With that strong believe, focus and conviction before going to sleep daily he imagines himself doing everything normally like all his other friends used to do. He plans his dreams with precision, step by step what will he do when the next morning he’ll wake up fine. He used to plan from the very first step of putting his very first feet on the ground to everything he’ll do throughout the day. Alas! His imaginations and dreams never came true despite practicing and believing in them for years.
He never got succeeded with his imaginative dreams but over this period he developed a different sense of awareness and understanding with his own self and his surroundings. He realized his dreams and imaginations do not have the exact face that he used to think but they exist in different forms around him. They exist in the form of his parents, friends, teachers and family. He realized everything and everyone living or non-living is working for him and for his good in all different ways. In the end, he still couldn’t stand on his two legs but now he stands on the power of his beliefs and the power of the love of his family.
And this guy doesn’t agree 100% with the author of this book on the precision levels of the laws of attraction. Laws of attraction would not work on your exact words but instead it will work on your exact truest emotion.
I just want my friends to think wisely and practically while believing in something and I’m sure they do.
Some 10-20 years down the line I just don’t want to see a new religion based on this book 🙂
Happy reading!! 



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