My Question Got Answered..!!

Do miracles exist or not.. This question has always been grappling my mind since ages. I haven’t seen a miracle myself but have heard a thousand times people claiming to have witnessed miracles and every time I wonder what they’re doing right that I’m not doing. One day God decided to give me answer for this long standing question. On one relaxed Saturday evening I was with Amit at our favourite place to have a glass of beer and a loads of candid conversations. Amit and I share this great bonding of asking and saying…anything, anytime, anywhere. We have stopped judging each other for years now. Whenever I see what Amit have achieved in life irrespective of his disability, my heart fills with pride.
By now, we were done with one glass of beer and Amit was at his humorous best but I wanted more from him and not just humour. I am a writer and I look for a story in anyone I meet…LOL. I ordered for one more round of beer so that Amit loosen up a bit more and we can get down to that point where whatever we talk, comes out straight from the heart, unedited. I asked Amit, “Do you believe in miracles? “ To that he replied “I know you want to make your mind on this topic because your next story deals with it. But let me ask you first that if you really don’t feel anything clearly then why you want to write on this subject.” Yes, I was confused but I had my reasons as well. I replied “I don’t believe because I haven’t seen any but I have seen people claiming that they have seen miracles. For me the miracles are like ghosts as they too exist for those who have seen them, for others they are just a story.”
Amit smiled to that and said, “Let me help you then.” There was a short pause before he started again with an expression of tranquility on his face. “Like any other kid me too was a dreamer, a firm believer of God and his miracles. For hours I used to day dream about playing with friends, I used to dream about becoming the best bowler of our team. I used to dream about winning the matches for our neighborhood cricket team and then celebrating the win by roaming around with friends and having a chicken patty with a bottle of thumbs up. Such simple wishes I had.
But the most important thing that was needed for all my wishes to come true was a miracle. A miracle that I would walk and run normally like any other person I know, around me. Every night I used to sleep with a silent prayer and a firm belief that when the next morning I would wake up, I would be completely fine. And every day when I used to wake up I try to feel senses in my legs and I fail. Every morning brought me a disappointment and has broken countless dreams of a child and eventually I stopped believing in miracles and the dream world where I once lived was shattered. Life took its normal harsh course and during all this my parents too stopped believing in a miracle, that one day I’ll be cured. But they haven’t stopped believing in me and even I haven’t stopped believing in them. All of us kept doing the best on our part during the phases of life. Eventually I graduated from college, done my post-graduation, got a good job, got married and blessed with a wonderful child. 
Now today when Sarthak my boy, sits beside me and calls me Papa that’s when I look back and recall all those mornings, when as a kid my miracles betrayed me. Then I look at Sarthak, my parents and my wife and I realise all those mornings when I cried because my miracles didn’t turn up, my God was planting bigger miracles for me. Looking back, I realize all these years whenever I was afraid of a hurdle, either it didn’t turn up or it passed without harming my course. And today I am here having almost everything that anyone around me has.” He paused with a divine satisfactory smile on his face.
He started again “Now to your point, I will just say that it really depends on how you see things and in what you look for miracles. We all are blessed with our share of miracles and sorrows and it solely depends on us if we just keep crying for the sorrows we have or admire the miracles we are blessed with. Embrace the pain first, to see your miracles.” He concluded.
With this I got my story and a long pending answer. Above all, I realized why I couldn’t see any miracles. I gave him a silent hug but my silence was not silent and was thanking him for showing the bright perspective of life.


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