‘To.. Whomsoever It May Concern’ series – Rise Up !!


Whomsoever it may concern (All Indians and Pakis I mean),
I know I’m at it yet again.. but I had to. Ever since after my 1st letter I’ve seen a spurt in the hate crimes against Indians from Pakistan’s side. Not that I’ve been such a big personality that they want to prove me wrong but probably I’ve been noticing more as this is a topic close to me.

It’s not that I don’t care about our soldier’s beheading or bombings in Hyderabad or Sarabjit Singh’s death. I care for all of this, it pains a lot to see someone in pain but the only difference is that it pains a lot to see anyone in pain and not just Indians. I still feel that a common citizen of Pakistan feels that pain for an Indian too and the ones who inflict those pains on us are not commoners. They are terrorists, politicians, authorities, police and all those who have the vested interest in people’s pain. 

Every other day you can hear in News or can read in a Newspaper about bomb blasts in Pakistan. Those behind these bomb blasts are not Indian commoners and not Pak commoners; they are the masterminds and executers of the terror factories. Trust me if you think only Pakistan is behind all terror attacks in India or the grave situation of Kashmir Valley then you’re wrong. There are vested interests in these terror factories from both the sides of the border. Yes, for sure without any second thought I can say that Pakistan is the biggest exporter of terror in the world but with same confidence I can say that Indian govt and its authorities or as I would say the non-commoners too have their vested interests in this biggest money churning terror industry.

Consequently, many times we fail to understand the root cause probably out of emotions, anger or perhaps for the love of our country and we indulge in hate crimes against each other. Sarabjit Singh had paid the price for these hate crimes and in retaliation the Pak prisoner attacked in a Jammu jail too is paying a price for it. In a discussion on my Facebook status where I condemned the revenge crime against the Pak prisoner, a few of my friends differed with me and found the revenge a rightful way of giving it back in the same plate. I am not angry with my friends for contradicting my views but instead I’m deeply saddened to see that we are breeding the seeds of blood. Today we openly satisfy our ego in watching a Pakistani dyeing; tomorrow we might not be shy of killing anyone. I know the govts, authorities, religions and everything have failed us miserably but that also means that we allowed them to fail us always. They always wanted us to be failed. Govts, authorities and all those who have their vested interests in the terror machinery will never let you think with a positive resolution. They have failed our two generations since independence but now it is in our hands if we want our next generation to fail as we did or we want them to be wise enough and rise.
My friend argued that it is easy for me to say positive things and only Sarabjit’s family can feel the real pain. Yes, I agree only his family can feel the real pain therefore they will never want anyone to meet Sarabjit’s fate, even across the border..

Fight against the real bad and not the illusions.

With love,
A determined commoner
Jai Hind


  1. Well said Rahul. We, the commoners, who strive to make ends meet are not a party to crime. Also, I am against violence. We are forgetting the principles on which we attained freedom from britishers.


  2. A very potent topic as of now…I have my own opinions on this that are pretty similar to yours that terror has no religion or nation, is just spru ng from some distant and mysterious land but if only people could be patient and understand.
    Politics is futile many a times and so is brooding over issues, we must act but in a right way! hope good will comes soon!


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