Wanted Alive – Part 2

First read ‘Wanted Alive – Part 1’
I don’t remember what happened after that but when I got up next morning I found myself lying on a mud platform. When I looked around I saw posters on the trees with my picture. The headline of the posters read ‘Wanted Alive’. “Me wanted alive..huh ? Why would anyone want me dead otherwise”, I murmured. I looked around; there were just trees, bushes and weeds everywhere. “It seems like a no man land.” I thought. 

“Yes you’re right.” said a voice from behind. I turned back and saw a man standing behind me. Man? He resembled more like a bull. Anyways that’s not a point; I thought and asked him “Have you too been trapped like me?” “No, this is my home.” that man replied.
“Home? I can’t see any home here. Where is your home?” I asked surprisingly. “This jungle that you see all around is my home and the home of many like Me.” he replied. “Did you just say many? I can’t see anyone else here other than you dude.” I asked irritated. He laughed sarcastically and said “Yes, I meant that MANY. You would see soon” he said. “But then why you echoed when I called it a no man land?” I countered.
He laughed even louder irritating me even more and said “You want everything to be answered very quickly. Getting everything more and quickly have become the habit of your society.” he replied but this time he seemed angry and upset. But all of this was getting very confusing for me. I had no idea that why am I being held hostage in a jungle, I even didn’t know who was behind all this and why.

I think he read my discomfort and asked me to follow him. In the hope of getting out of that place I started following his orders. Actually, I didn’t have the option of not following him as I knew nothing about that place and its surroundings. Though that man seemed a part of the whole conspiracy against me but then there was something about him that soothed me. I must say, even though I was being abducted and had no clue where I am but the surroundings I passed by, when following him were astoundingly beautiful. Never in my dreams had I thought that the road on which I always used to travel has so many beautiful secrets of nature around it. After passing through all those bushes and trees and getting bruised all my arms we finally reached a plain surface. Plain not because it had a marble flooring or something but because there are no bushes and no weeds around. This surface had a neatly cut grass. 

While moving towards that area I noticed that it seemed like a deliberate effort of nature. In a jungle full of long and wide trees and bushes I could see a neatly crafted plain ground surrounded by low height hills on three sides, strange but true. As I moved closer I could see people of all ages, genders and sizes gathered in that large ground. On the top of the hill was seated a tall and nicely built man, seemed more like their leader. I got the shock of my life when I saw a big poster having my picture on it and written ‘Wanted Alive’ below it. Now, I could even hear the hooting of the people gathered there and as I was moving closer the hooting got louder and louder. And there in the middle on a bit elevated platform he asked me to stop. The hooting got even louder as they found me amongst them but I could not understand anything that they were shouting, a very strange language they had. But suddenly everything went silent as their leader ordered. 

“Why have you brought me here?” I asked. “You have been chosen to represent your society and your society as a whole is an accused.” their leader shouted. “Accused?” I shouted shockingly. “Yes, all you humans are the masterminds of disturbing the Mother Nature and massacring millions of us ruthlessly daily.” he said with aggression. “What do you mean by millions of you? You too are all humans.” I asked a bit confused. He seemed to have ignored my question and continued, “You kill for your food, for your milk, for your leather belts and purses, for your burger, for your cosmetics, for the Nth no. of unimportant reasons and sometimes even without a reason, just because you think you’re superior and it is cool to suppress the one below you.” he completed but moist eyes. I was still not sure what he actually meant but instantly enough I got the shock of my life because of what I saw. 
Everyone present there turned into animals. There were animals all around me. There were Cows, Cocks, Chicken, Goats, Snakes, Buffaloes, Lions, Tigers, Fishes and almost all kinds of them. Every animal around me was looking at me and was just waiting for an order from their leader to kill me and have their revenge. As, I looked up at the leader I saw that beautiful girl of last night emerging from behind him and just in a blink of an eye they too turned into animals. The most shocking part was, the girl who hypnotised me last night turned out to be Teddy my bitch and their leader a lion.

I got the message and was no more angry now, instead I was feeling ashamed of our deeds. I knelt down on my knees and said sorry. Though I knew a sorry was not merely enough for a crime we commit daily for our numerous selfish reasons. I looked at Teddy and told her to pass my apology to their leader and also a promise that I would not become a reason for any animal killing. Also, in all my capacity as a writer I will persuade people to refrain from this senseless killing of innocent animals. To my utter surprise they allowed me to go but with an assurance from my side of fulfilling what I promised.

And soon I heard mom shouting, “Rahul, you’ll get late for office. Get up soon beta. “Ahh so all of that was just a dream? I thought. I got ready and went to the breakfast table in a totally confused state of mind. And as soon as I was about to get hold of the chicken nuggets, I noticed Teddy frowning.
May be Teddy was not really frowning or maybe she was, I don’t know but here I am requesting you all to be a little sensible and not kill something for just anything and everything so mindlessly.


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