Wanted Alive !! – Part 1

It was a normal day for me like any other day. Normal because of its struggle element. Like daily I struggled in all aspects of my life. When reached office, I got to know that client have given us a negative feedback on the project which I always assumed as my dream project. Now I know, it was really a dream project because it could only get successful in my dreams. Nevertheless, I didn’t lose hope on this day and looked forward to the meeting with my girlfriend. As soon as I hugged her, I sensed the lack of reciprocation from her side and I knew one more dream project of my life comes to a disastrous end..
I was tired, I was broken but I knew that I’ve a place to go and hide myself and that place is my home. I wanted to reach home as soon as possible and hug mom.. I wanted to cry, I wanted to sleep. 
Finally, I reached home had dinner, hugged mom, cried a lot but still couldn’t tell her anything. I just stayed quiet but she somehow sensed that something is terribly wrong with me. She didn’t utter a word but sat by my side till I fell asleep.

Few minutes later, Teddy (my bitch) came to me and licked on my cheeks. She too could feel my pain. Most of the times she plays the role of my best friend as she listens to my whole story silently and without getting judgemental. But that day Teddy wanted to go out for a drive. As I said, she sometimes plays the role of a best friend and that’s why she exactly knew what could soothe me down at that very moment. She knew that a long drive with just my Teddy, under a moon lit sky can cheer me up, no matter what. I put on my jacket, slippers and Teddy brought the car keys (Yeah, she’s smart) and in a minute we got set for our late night long drive. Though on any other day, mom would ask me not to go out that late in the night but given my mood that day she didn’t think it’s a good idea to stop me.

Finally, Teddy and me took our favourite route and hit the road, with the pine trees on both its sides. It was a beautiful night with the clear sky. I have always dreamt of being with my girlfriend on this road for a long drive on a moonlit night but this day had shattered all those dreams and now I’s with my Teddy. You know what; sometimes I see so much love for me in Teddy’s eyes that I could never see even in my girlfriend’s eyes.. And as the night progressed, I came out of the pain and started enjoying the moment of loneliness.
After driving a few kilometres I realized a swarm of bees were following our car. I stopped the car and to my surprise they too stopped and just kept hovering over the car. At that very moment I realized that I have been seeing them quite often, sometime from a washroom’s window, sometimes from the office’s balcony and sometimes on my way back home from office. I knew, this was not worth noticing but somehow this all seemed linked. As I was just thinking about all this I heard a slight knock on my side of the car window. It still gives me shivers when I think of that moment. It was a bee, asking me to follow them. I didn’t know if I should go back or go ahead to follow them but I chose the latter. Don’t know what, but something was driving me, there was something that took complete control of me.

I started driving again following those bees. I must say the route to their destination was so beautiful and serene that for a moment I forgot that I’ve been hijacked. I looked at Teddy and she seemed excited and happy as if she knew this place and its surroundings. “Why everything has to happen on one single day with me.” I asked to myself. I could see bees stopping a few meters ahead of me near a bench under a big tree. I stopped the car and came out. Teddy too wanted to come out so I opened her side of the door as well. I was so much tired to actually think of anything, so I chose to sit on the bench rather than exploring that place. But Teddy started her exploration mission. As wandering there was not a good idea so I thought to call Teddy back. I shouted ‘Teddyyyy.. Teddyyyyy.. Ted….’ and got muted with the vision of a girl. Never in my life I’ve seen such a gorgeous woman. She was such a flawless beauty that I got dumbstruck. I saw her coming towards me. I was a bit afraid too but then I thought if ghosts are so beautiful then I won’t mind their company..LOL. 
She sat besides me, I was shivering and at the same time excited too. She smiled at me and said, “Don’t worry you are safe” and as she said those words I noticed the bees going away..

I don’t remember what happened after that but when I got up next morning I found myself lying on a mud platform. When I looked around I saw posters on the trees with my picture. The headline of the posters read ‘Wanted Alive’…

Continue to Wanted Alive – Part 2..


  1. Hey Rahul, nice story, m waiting for next part too. This is your first writing where you have used more characters and the whole idea of including pets and animals , nature are giving it interesting read.


  2. so finally i read it! this is en-captivating! I am so eagerly waiting for this series…coz it actually sounds very different and interesting. A connection between reality and fantasy is one of my fav genres 🙂 write it soon and thats an order 😉



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