‘A Little Less than Perfect’ Story..!!

We aspire for a perfect everything throughout our life, and I was no different. Sometimes in the race of finding the perfect, we lose upon the not so perfect moments of life. Even though a not-perfect moment is incomplete but it always carries the excitement of getting completed someday. That want for more, rejuvenates and motivates it. We tend to forget and ignore thousands of our imperfections in the quest of finding the best. The end result is known to almost all of us because we all had certainly ignored and lost a lot of ‘A little less than perfect’ moments in life.Β 

It was January 24th of 2012, Dad wanted me to accompany him on a business trip to Bhopal and somehow the hidden reason was to show me a girl. Even after being fully aware of the situation I couldn’t say no for the trip as it was dad’s birthday and I did not want him to be alone on his birthday.Β 
Our flight landed in Bhopal at 8 in the morning and from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening we were just attending meetings. But as they say that there is nothing more fulfilling than a fruitful day at work. As we started for the way back to the hotel, Dad insisted on making a visit to Rawat uncle’s home. Now I knew, it was Rawat uncle’s daughter they wanted me to see.

As we were sitting at their home, I saw a girl parking her Activa Scooty, it wasn’t a normal scooty as it had two supporting wheels on both the sides to have it balanced. Then I saw a girl, very simple yet gorgeous, deep eyes, nice hair and nice shaped body. For a second, I asked myself, if she’s the girl that dad wanted me to see. But as the girl moved forward, I noticed she’s having problems walking and then I noticed her callipers (Callipers are used as a walking aid for a person having trouble while walking). As she entered we were introduced and instantly we started talking as if we both were waiting for this. I must tell you, everything about her was just as perfect as it could have been. We stayed there till 11 in the night and during most of this time I was glued to Arti and her endless talks. She was a wonderful human being and seemed to have interest in almost everything in life. Basically, she had the interest in living the life and not just spending it. Truly speaking she’s the girl every guy wants as a life partner but ironically she was having troubles finding a guy (forget about suitability). Such is our hypocrite society which judges everyone through its standard contaminated yardstick.

I never thought about marriage all these years as I am a firm believer of a concept that “Everyone aspires to get better off in life and not otherwise..” and this was my consistent answer to all those questions which were thrown at me regarding my marriage. Also, I don’t expect any normal girl to approach a guy who is on a wheelchair, for marriage. However, I don’t know how and why but all through our journey back home, I wanted dad to ask me about Arti. It was really a strange feeling. It wasn’t the ‘first love’ feeling for sure, as me too had my share of emotional turbulence and I think that my ‘first love’ story was the source of my “Everyone aspires………” thought process.. LOL. I won’t blame anyone for that first blunder, as I said before also that I wasn’t different from others when it comes to finding the perfect in everything around us.

24th January 2013: Things have changed a lot in the last one year. When I look back I find myself sitting alone in a corner looking at people enjoying themselves with their perfect some ones and I see myself lost in the crowd. But as I look forward, I see myself happy and smiling in the crowd of millions as I’m accompanied by someone who is not so perfect like me if measured by society’s yardstick but is perfect in her own every way. When I look forward I see both of us putting our every bit to make this life complete and complement each other in every possible way. Arti had showed me that finding a perfect thing is not the only solution for a perfect life but you can also make it worth living with a combinations of few ‘A little less than perfect..’ substitutes.

P.S.: Character of me in the story isn’t really ME πŸ˜‰Β 


  1. Very touchy! Nothing is perfect, nothing can ever be perfect but most of us live in fantasy of outer beauty. I read a Novel where the protagonist was Quadriplegic and believe me her character was one of the most lively characters I have ever read in literary work.

    An emotional and inspiring read Rahul.


  2. much said in few words..nobody is perfect and desire for perfection is nothing bt a source of constant pain. one should aspire for a life of happiness and satisfaction and thts d real gift u can get πŸ™‚ loved ur story once again.admirable πŸ˜€

    and the picture in d end…awww…real cute!



  3. muhaaa muhaaa muhaaa!!!
    You have always surprised me with the extraordinary emotions and expression of love. I feel so glad reading this story. Yes again I have to say it ones again… its been like watching movie… step by step, dialogue,eyes, words.. everything.. brilliantly set to create the aura of joy and hope in simple story.

    You need not mention that its nt u… because U r far more kind genuine true than ur created characters!! Gracious Always!!!!!!
    Smiles!!! Smiles!!!


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