Blurred Lines – Part 2

I entered the pub and saw that lady waiting for me. For a moment I felt as if the past 5 years of my life never existed. I felt as if I’m standing outside the gate of my apartment and watching helplessly, the policemen taking away the body of my Andrea. And then the brain does its trick and rewinded the sequence a bit more to take me to the moment when Andrea called up. Again that feeling of guilt, helplessness and ‘What if’ came back. I was feeling as if all these 5 years I was asleep and now when I’ve woken up I’m still there where I ended it up. I really didn’t know what to do. I started running again but this time she followed me. “Dr. Parker.. Please help me. Only you can.” she shouted. I halted for a second but started running again but this time bit slowly as my guilt was enveloping me. My guilt was binding my feet. Finally, I gave up running and sat on a nearby bench and started crying.
She noticed me crying and sat on the bench with me. She opened her bag and took out a card and handed over to me saying, “I truly believe that you can help me saving my son’s life but I wouldn’t force you now. If you at all feel like taking this up then please contact me….. And yes, you may also get rid of your guilt. I don’t know what it is and who it is but all I know is that person will be really happy to see you taking on life once again..” For the first time in all these years I felt emotions, after 5 years I felt alive. I didn’t know what it was but something was surely there that was forcing me to help that lady. Something was there that was motivating me, today when I think about it I realize that it was Andrea may be, who wanted me to return to life. I knew it will not gonna be an easy task but then I decided to give it my best shot. I called up that lady and told her about my decision and next day the air tickets to her place were delivered to me.
As I landed there, a car with a chaufer was already waiting for me. I was driven to the outskirts of California to a big estate. As I entered their house I saw that lady running towards me with a big smile on her face as if she is confident that I can save her son. Then she showed me my room and asked me to get refreshed and come downstairs for the lunch. I took bath and after the bath as I entered the dining hall I saw a boy around age 14-15 sitting on a wheelchair. I was introduced to him as his new Orthopaedic consultant and a physical trainer. He was told that I have given an assurance that I’ll make him walk on his own by the end of the treatment. As we exchanged the glances I noticed his faded smile and the same pain that I used to see in Andrea’s eyes. Just by watching him I could make out the seriousness of his depression. To top it all I was introduced as a physical trainer and not a psychiatrist. I knew it’s gonna be really tough but somewhere deep inside I’ve given myself a promise that I won’t let him die. 
Next morning I got up early and got ready for my first session with him. I decide to take it easy and go with the flow as the situation demands. I didn’t have any strategy. I asked his helper to bring him to the garden. He came to the garden uninterestingly and again we exchanged those glances. To break the ice I started with “Hey, what’s your favourite colour.” “Why do you think you can cure my illness when no one till now really had any achievement in this.” he replied totally ignoring my question. “Well, I believe it’s you who can actually make it possible for both of us. I always believe if you can think about it you can also accomplish it. It will not be easy but I assure that it is also not impossible.” I replied. He was stunned by my answer as he was expecting a definite answer with some medical grounds around it but what I said was totally direction less for him. Before he could have said something I started again, “I just want one thing from you right now and that thing is a promise. I want a promise that you’ll have faith in whatever we would do. I want you to have faith on yourself and on myself that together we will make it possible.” He nodded but this time I could see that confusion on his face. On the other hand I found this confusion beneficial because I knew soon this confusion can grow up as hope. Our sessions of hope, life and motivation started happening more often than ever and with time one could sometimes notice a real smile on his face. This was a real indication that his treatment was going in a good direction. Amidst all this, there was also a fear in me that how will he react when after few days he would realize that all this was just to pull him out of the depression. Consequences of this could even be worse than the present situation. But I continued this in the hope of a miraculous way out.
By now my sessions started taking a mature turn. I asked him to imagine he is walking. Actually I was seeding the dream of walking, in his mind. I wanted him to think about it strongly. With the continuous effort we reached a stage where he would even day dream about walking in a garden, playing football with his friends or even ride a bike. 
Finally, I decided to use lucid dreams therapy on him. I took him to a room where I had setup all the equipment for this therapy. While making him lie in the machine I asked him to imagine he’s walking, playing football or anything that comes to his mind. I told him that there might be obstacles to his thoughts but he should overcome those and keep focusing on his dream. In a few minutes, lucido meter confirmed his sub conscious state of mind. He was enjoying the journey of his dreams to the fullest. I could see him smiling while sleeping in that machine. I knew it’s working. But we didn’t know that we were heading for something even bigger. I noticed his one leg moving. I was stunned because for the last 6 months I only saw his legs hanging like a dead meat. When I woke him up he confirmed kicking a football in the dream. While he was telling me this, I smiled and inside I knew we are heading for something great. 
And as I always say that if you think of it, then you can surely do it. His strong willpower and theory of lucid dreams made such an impact on his sub consciousness that he was able to achieve what he had always wished for. Today that 15 years old boy turned 25 and walks on his own legs. 
There lies abundant energy all around us. The only thing that is required to benefit from it is the consciousness which believes in it. Once, we learn to make the connection between the positive energies around us and our soul, we can cross all boundaries.
Dreams are seen with the closed eyes but can be actualized only with an awaken soul. 


  1. The second part is very much fulfilling and made the story real complete.
    Rahul you have not only put the words in sentences to make it story but you have given the meaning to story. This part was sheer unexpected but truly took the story to new dimensions:) All the best Rahul:)


  2. What a beautiful way to end, which actually is never a end but a beginning of new dreams, moments and life. You have this power to start from anywhere and end the story to any unexpected results, yet so convincing and appreciating. Trust me, no one but only you make a difference and bring that silly feeling like 'Change'!!!
    Congratulations for your wonderful efforts.
    Kudos to your spirit!!!
    As always, loved the flow and that right amount of intensity in emotions. Definitely blurring the conventional modes of thought process.
    Loved it!!! Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..


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