You and I, in this beautiful world.. Concludes..

Please read You and I, in this beautiful world – before jumping on to this 🙂

After the suicide attempt I decided to bring Rohan to Delhi with me. As per the doctors, sometimes the change of place and surroundings work in patient’s favour. Also, with the qualifications he possesses he would not get a job he deserved in that small town located near Goa. Initially Rohan protested to the idea of shifting his base to Delhi but then he succumbed to the pressure we all had put on him. 
In few days I realized that things are working in Rohan’s favour and he was getting better each passing day. I was very happy to see my friend coming back on the track of his life. As they say life moves on, same was the case with Rohan. With time he too had decided to move on, in the world of reality. He got a good job and that too helped him by keeping him busy all this time. He was surely on the track of normalcy. I’ve seen him started taking interest in things and issues around him. It seemed that he have accepted the real world and was trying hard to sync well with it. One must admit that it was mainly his efforts that were taking a nice shape. 
One day Rohan called me and asked me to come home early from office but as that time my projects were on full swing I couldn’t really made it much earlier than the usual time. In the evening around 7, while parking the car I saw Rohan sitting alone in the garden. He was staring at a nearby bench continuously and seemed as if trying to figure out something. I could see the signs of confusion and tension on his face. He was getting uncomfortable by the time I parked the car. I rushed to him and asked what happened to him. Unaware of the fact that I was watching him for quite some time, he tried to behave very normally and told me to get ready. When I asked where are we going then he told me that it is a surprise for me. But I don’t know why I was getting very uncomfortable about what I saw few minutes back and then this surprise thing was adding on to it. But I didn’t show my nervousness to Rohan and accompanied him. After driving some 50 kilometres and hitting a lonely road, Rohan asked me to stop the car in front of a deserted garden just adjacent to a cremation ground. Frankly speaking it was not a very nice place to be, at 9 in the night. But I kept my calm and didn’t allow my tension to show on my face. While sitting there with Rohan I noticed that he was searching for something very restlessly. I asked him finally, “Why are we here Rohan?”.. Rohan turned to me; I could see the tears in his eyes. He said, ” Why you kept lieing to me Rahul. You knew that Shreya is fine but you kept us apart all these days. You very well know that how I feel for her. I really love her Rahul but I don’t understand why you wanted to keep us apart. All these days I was thinking so grateful to you and was thinking that you’re someone who thinks the best for me but what you did was this…”. Cutting him in the middle I said.” But Rohan.. Why do you think I lied to you? What made you feel that she’s alive?.” ” I knew you would behave innocent.. Thanks to this old man who told me that all these days you kept her away from me. You locked her here? What did you think that I will never get to know about this?” he said very angrily, his eyes were red.
After few years, one fine day Rohan called me and said ” Rahul, Shreya looks just the same always, she never eats, she never sleeps and even she have been wearing same floral dress all these years….(After a pause, he continued)  I’m sorry I never understood you. I don’t know what to do because even after realizing now that she’s just my illusion, I still see her everywhere I go. She still talks to me, follows me. I don’t know how to ignore her..” I could feel his helplessness in his voice but I did not know what to do, how to help my friend at that time.
An era have passed since then, nothing really changed apart from the fact that now Rohan is aware about his problem. He understands that Shreya only lives in his imagination and now he realizes the fact that he can’t bring her to his real world. In a way, Rohan learnt to sync well both of his worlds. Now, he even runs a counselling clinic where he helps other patients who are suffering from Schizophrenia to cope up with the same problems he once coped, even still fighting to draw a line between his illusionary and real world. 
In a nutshell, life moves on but may be with few adjustments. Not, every story has a perfect ending but what matters is how much we tried till the end.


  1. now thats what v call complete 🙂 What i loved in this part was precisely the simplicity with which u concluded the things and subtly left a message to learn from.
    As someone who wishes to be a psychiatrist, this definitely is a special story.



  2. Truly appreciate the way you describe emotions and over all scenario of the story. Love the end of the story… through mysterious path coming to something very basic and applicable to everyone's life.
    Listen, U must write more often. As I have told u earlier too, U give a journey to a simple story, not everyone can do and you are simply blessed with it.
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..


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