Life takes us through all different routes to the destinations it wants us to visit. Some destinations are in the form of a career, a relationship, places, emotions, people and above all the consciousness or rather I would say different states of consciousness. With time we travel through all these things stopping at them , sometimes accepting them and sometimes rejecting. Sometimes we try to control life and sometimes life controls us but the brutal fact is that we can never control the life or its course.

One day while driving off to an unknown pathway I started summing up my life experiences. The verdict said the reasons of all my frustrations, rudeness and pain are the bruises from some fallen relationships and some broken dreams. And for all of this trauma I can simply blame people and circumstances to set my ego high. But then a part of me wanted to set it right and free. This state of my consciousness wanted me to take things as they are, it wanted me to forgive people and forget things. This state of consciousness is happy being alone, it is at ease with its own. It believes in ‘Let it be’….

While passing through these beautiful emotions of peace and through a beautiful valley I saw a signboard saying ‘GOOD FEELINGS AHEAD’…… and that very moment I knew I’ve shed all the dead weight I was carrying for years, I have buried all those pains. For the whole life we keep searching happiness in others and give weightage to the momentary events of joy but the real happiness resides deep there in our own soul.
So just unlock it , feel it and live abundantly πŸ™‚

I wish my readers GOOD FEELINGS AHEAD…..



  1. Hmmmmmmmm beautiful ……… this post reminds me of all ur fav dialogues – happy being alone, let it be n its jus a matter of tym … Hope u alot of gud feelings ahead. Keep rocking πŸ™‚


  2. I guess its all connected coz until and unless u let some emotions weigh u down,u really wont understand what it means to get up and get going!

    and once you realize that nothing really is permanent in a temporary life..u start seeking things from within u..and thats d point where true happiness and satisfaction comes. Let this search within self continue πŸ™‚



  3. Hey!!Gud one yaar…We often carry such feelings with us. Such signboards would really help us in making our life easier and so ur blogs….So, keep rocking like this…We do nt get to see such signboards but yes we do get to read such blogs from u…So thanks dear…


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