The Forsaken Grounds – Part 1

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see this image. You think it as a peaceful and wonderful place. You see it as lush green surroundings, never ending greenery, a flowing river, a romantic place to be in, a place where you’d imagine yourself spending your life for its sheer serenity. You would want to spend your life here with your loved ones. Seeing your children growing up here, running in the by lanes to the school, playing madly in the beautiful play ground in the vicinity. Everyday you’d like to see the sun rising and setting in the company of your beloved with a cup of tea. Anyone would dream of spending the days after retirement reading in the sun on a sunny day in the winters.
Let’s find out what’s the actual truth. In reality the greenery you have seen have converted into weeds, river had all dried up, there is no school now where your child can go and learn the lessons of wisdom, there does not exist any play ground now, where you would be able to see your children play madly. This place does not have a romantic aroma now but it will actually haunt you. Leave the thought of spending whole life here, you would not like to spend even a day.
But once all the good things you’d imagined above were a reality and this place was as good as heaven, though no one has seen heaven but when everything around you is so beautiful and peaceful, you tend to believe it as heaven. There existed life in this place as happy and chirpy as any other town or village. But one day it all vanished as if it was never a reality. 
It was a beautiful sunny day and as a normal routine life was going in its own flow. But things were not destined to remain the same for this beautiful town. A gang of 30-40 gunmen entered and started firing madly on one and everyone without any mercy. I have seen people getting killed, running for shelter, women getting raped and in one word it was a disaster for the life that used to exist here. Everything changed since that day, both the communities were told that this is the work of the opposite community. The common man largely does not believe in any sort of community whether it is based upon a religion or a state. The only thing he is bothered about is his family and the loved ones. So, the common man decided to abandon this place as it could see no breakthrough to this conflict. He cannot wait until he loses all his family and friends.
You must be wondering who am I? I am the soul of this ABANDONED place. I have seen it in the happier times, I’ve seen it in the pain too. I have seen life flourishing here, also, I’ve seen the reigns. Living in the fond memories of a serene life that once existed, I just hope to see it again. I wish one day the common man takes the uncommon step and decides upon his own fate.  


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