The Story of a Beautiful Stranger..!!

Though it was a normal evening yet something unknown had uplifted my mood which generally keeps a low profile .. LOL. It’s strange how just a smile from a complete stranger can make you happy or was it really something special about her. I was trying to figure out the sudden positive changes while taking my regular evening stroll in the nearby garden. Generally, the burden of failed relationships and the feeling of loneliness seldom allow me to be happy. To top this very moment, clouds covered the whole sky and a cool breeze with that lovely aroma was filling the full atmosphere. The flocks of birds too started flying back to their nests. All in all everything was just so perfect and so beautiful in that moment. But still a question was running in the background that why and how everything can be so settled and beautiful? With those thoughts, some good and some confused, I started towards home.

By the time I started descending towards home it had already started raining, though it was just a pleasant drizzling. Everyone in the garden decided to take a move but she was still sitting in the corner on the bench, unmoved by the rain. Though I’m not a person who can make the first move still something forced me from inside to go to her and checkout if she is fine. “Hi” I said starting the conversation. She lifted her face and smiled a bit, one could easily see the pain in her eyes. I sat down on the bench besides her. “Its raining, you should go home” she said before I could ask her anything. “I am water proof, are you too?” I asked with a smirk. She smiled again and I noticed there was something unique in that smile. She was wearing the deadly mixture of smile on her lips and pain in her eyes. This is something that was not letting me move away from her and all I wanted was just talking to her, more and more. Finally, the barrier of awkwardness fell down and words started flowing between us. An hour passed but the talks and thoughts seemed unstoppable.The night was fast taking its place, I offered her to accompany way back home but she refused saying “I can take care of myself”. I agreed and left for my home.

The whole night I was thinking about her. That smile, those eyes and every little thing associated with her. Next day as a routine I went to the garden but from that day the intent of evening stroll changed from fitness to meeting her. We started meeting daily and talk for hours about anything to everything. Some talks take emotional turns and during those moments I could see the approval in her eyes too, for the relationship that was building between us. Only thing that was not good amidst all this was her refusal to share her whereabouts. Anyways, it did not have much of a negative impact as we made it a point to meet daily at the very same place. Things were getting rosier and cozier for us but whenever I tried to talk about her family and all, she used to get very uncomfortable. 

Though it was just 2 months since we had shifted to this place but it never seemed so. 
One fine day day Mom asked me to hand over a parcel to our land lords, who lived on the first floor. Trust me or not but I was visiting their flat for the first time, as I was too much engrossed in the events happening in my own personal life. As I reached their door I could see Mrs. Yadav offering prayers to God sitting near a small wooden temple. Also, I could see a photo frame hanging on the wall above but couldn’t see the face on the photo from outside. I was getting late for office so I had to disrupt the prayers of Mrs. Yadav, I knocked on the door. Mrs. Yadav looked at the door and said “Come in Amit. How are you beta? I am meeting you for the first time.” she said with a smile. I entered the room and placed the parcel on the table lying near the entrance and said “Aunty I just came to give you this courier.” “Thanks beta, but please come in and sit atleast for 2 minutes. You’ve come here for the first time since your family has moved in here.” Mrs. Yadav said asking me to stay as she went out of the room to get something. I noticed that photo frame yet again. It had the photo of a little girl, as little as just 5 or 6 months old. Mrs. Yadav noticed me staring at the photo and she could also sense a question mark in my eyes. “Beta she was my daughter who died due to a chronic disease when she was just 5 months old. Had she been alive, she could have been your age.” She said with a smile but I could see that motherly pain in her eyes. With a bit heavier heart I left that place and boarded the cab for office but for the whole day, I was somewhat disturbed and could somehow feel connected to what Mrs. Yadav told though didn’t know the reason for it.

That day she (My Beautiful Stranger) didn’t come to the garden in the evening and making situations worse it continued for several days. Those were the most difficult days of my life. All type of wrong thoughts surfaced in my mind. In the hope of meeting her again one day, my evening stroll continued, but sadly no luck.

One night I dreamt of her, yessss I dreamt of her. I confessed to her that I am in love with her and asked her to marry me. Listening to this she bursted into tears. “I love you too Amit but we would have get married if….” she paused.”If what? Tell me, if what? Is there someone else in your life or any family problems?” I asked with tears my eyes. “If I would have been alive I would have married you but I am not a part of your world. I am a dead girl, My dad and his family got me killed when I was just 5 months old.” she said crying helplessly. I was terrified but kept listening to her. “Why did they kill you? How can someone kill their child?” I asked with a shaking voice. “My dad and his family never wanted a girl child to be born in their family, therefore, ever since I was born they were unhappy and that day they did what they always wanted to.” she said.

When I woke up in the morning my head was too heavy with the events occurred in my life and the dream I had last night. I was terrified with what had happened to me but somehow it had poked my heart. I never understood why people kill their girl child and why are they against them. God is the creator of everyone so who are we to decide who’s good and who’s not. A person doing such a crime should be killed so that others get a lesson. But that day I promised myself that this thought process will not prevail in my family and in the families I know. 
I know some sections of our society are rigid but it’s the time to change. On one side we pray to the numerous Goddesses and on the other side we think girls are a burden. What a hypocrite world we are part of.

I am now married and have two beautiful daughters, but in all these years I never felt that I could have been happier if I would have a son. Life is a gift of God, respect it be it’s yours or someone else’s. 

P.S. Speaking My Mind Blog is strictly against the female foeticide and girl killings. A person indulging in these activities should be severely punished.  

 am too busy to care, but want to do something. Jaago Re and are helping me do my bit for the society.


  1. hmmmm….very thoughtful..thought …!!!presented in a presentable manner…!!!!the collection of words…like beads woven in the garland…build a beautiful story…ran like movie…while reading…keep up the good work…!!..God Bless U…


  2. omg! that was spooky in between :O but as i progressed towrds the end and d msg rang in clear i loved the complete thot process behind it! Well written..though a few typos here n there but thats ok given d fact that it gives such a strng message in a lighter way. good attempt..looking 4wrd to more 🙂



  3. OMG this is something I didn't know about U
    A beautiful revelation 🙂
    U hav an amazing thought process
    Last thing i would like 2 say is I m fortunate 2 have a friend like U …….
    Waiting 4 another blog of urs 🙂


  4. Great work!!This had a social message and u've hve portray the reality.
    Really nice…!!Had all flavors..romantic,spooky and ends with a social message.


  5. A beautiful way to send a message across.There are so many lives being murdered ruthlessly every day & sometimes I think what if they had been given a chance to live? There may not be a Sania Mirza, a Kiran Bedi but at least there would be a girl unique in her own respects, who would have her own dreams & aspirations & later nurture a life herself…sad indeed.
    Lovely story.. 🙂


  6. @ RR
    Definitely the last line simple holds the first n foremost attention….but what a beautiful way of bringing together, love emotions and thoughts!

    I'm so PROUD of U!

    for the wonderful thoughts u got and for the potential every time you show in you words, in lines and such a captivating mix of ideas! But tell you really honestly….I loved the romantic part of it…n was longing so high to read something truly cute n mushy….hmmm…dude…plz do come up with something like that…since..that what is a sweet life where we all long n breath to see a filmy co incidence…isn't it :))))

    Overall…I'm surprised with your thoughts together put in the post purposely…and an ability to still hold the story in inter woven emotions!!!

    Hats off to U!!
    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..


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