The window with a broken pane…. – The End !!

Sitting besides the window the whole life is like doing the rounds of my mind, Each and every moment we spent together had something special about it. The day we first ever met, the day I first held your hand, that first kiss, walking miles in rain holding your hand, that feeling while dropping you daily at your home in the evening after office, those late hour talks (stretched to early mornings), meeting with your dad, our wedding day, and till now every and any such moment where you were a part, have become the part of my life. Any thought where you’re not a part ceases to exist.

Life was so beautiful with you. Though it had nothing except you but then I think you were the most fulfilling factor about it. When I used to get up in the morning I used see myself in your eyes and i would know that I’ve someone. At the end of the day when I needed a lap to lie on or a shoulder to cry on, I always knew I had you. During all the odds you stood by me like a wall and I fought every such challenge because more than myself I trusted you. You were my biggest strength and also my biggest weakness and you knew that.

Everything was so perfect, perfect like a dream but then one day I got up in the morning and peeped into your eyes, I couldn’t see myself. For years I had occupied that space but that day I wasn’t there. You were not you or you were no more mine.That space is taken by someone else. But when did it happened and why bloody I never came to know. Did I deserve all this pain for all the love I have for you or does he deserve the place I always had in your life. For once you’d not thought about me, about us. You always knew that I won’t question you, you always knew you’ll get away with this.

My worst fears were taking shape into reality but thinking a life beyond you was never an option. For me life started when you came into my life and it will not go where you would not be a part of it. For once I thought to let you go because I wouldn’t be able to stop you no matter how hard I would try. But what about the world we had created together. How would I live in that world alone without you. Tell me what would I do without you. You never had an answer because you wanted to go, and all you wanted is me to let you go.

One thing that I understood by now was that you wouldn’t stop now and one more thing I knew by now was you I wouldn’t be able to let you go to him. My dream run has ended and like every dream this dream’s too gonna meet the same fate. You thought it would be an easy run for you just by getting me signed on the divorce papers. Right? that’s what you thought.

“No Rose, its not that easy” I said looking at Rose’s dead body and moving towards the table where I’d kept that parcel which came addressing Rose.”So you were gifting me Divorce papers on my birthday” I said trying to open the envelope. Envelope had two air tickets tickets to Alaska and a letter. I opened the letter and it read:

Dear James

First of all Happy birthday and before you read further I want you to know that I LOVE YOU..

I knew you are not comfortable to see Fred around me and by now you must have cooked stories about me and Fred in your mind and to tell you frankly I was loving all this, I was loving to see you jealous like hell. But at the end of it the painful thing is you din’t trust me completely. Fred and I grew up together as friends but that does not mean I’ll leave you, The Love of my life for him. He is and always was just a friend. Their could be no one in this whole world that can replace you in my life. I would have been the happiest person if I wouldn’t have had to explain you all this and you would have trusted me enough. But that did not happen and before all this, which started as a prank could turn into a mess I want you to know that you are the only one for me and I would love you till eternity.

Now stop staring at me and start packing bags for Alaska πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday once again James.


I fell down with the letter in my hand and fainted. When up and conscious I even decided to end my life but then that would have been too easy of a punishment.

Years have passed but still you live with me in my every thought. I have lived all this life alone here thinking of you.And now at last stage of my life, sitting besides this broken window pane I’m writing all this so that this story would not die and whosoever gets to read it would know the importance of trusting thy partner.


Loving you till my last breath,


  1. amazing!!!!

    trust me i was jst lost in a diff world while reading this & my imaginary sensor was running dis story infront of my eyes…i actually was able to see James opening dat envelope n Rose's dead body lying beside him…phew…dis is truly wow!!!

    keep rocking as alwys…Luv U πŸ™‚


  2. Hey Rahul!!This one was really different from all ur previous stories…It was really was differet and amazing…


  3. aww…this was so so sad! I really don't have words to express anything for d protagonist…indeed that broken window pane will remind him of so many things that haunt his life…
    i loved the narration..have to say..u r a gifted story teller..good wrk! πŸ™‚



  4. hmmm…its the first time …I read , wat your mind spoke…!!! Honestly its was like spell bound…..the twist was awesum…but generally asking ..can someone really kill the one..whom one have luved so dearlyy…no matter wat dey do 2 u…????


  5. @ rahul

    OMG! That was so NEAT!!
    Each and every word was so clearly depicting the story of emotions!!! SO well written I mst say..The post was lengthy hence atleast me enjoyed the most…it helps me to get into the aura!! SO right now readin ur post I feel that charm of the love..& the agony same time.

    Okay whtelse..I feel like envy U..u been really amazing!! I'm glad u wrote the second part…its so wonderful to read hw one author thinks…n creates story…U indeed U made complete justice to ur posts!!! I suggest you write more such stories…with sequels.

    One more thing…U right from the beginning to end kept that curiosity factor…intact to influence to read till end ofcourse with no disappointment!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..


  6. GOD! why a misunderstanding! why this misunderstanding always ruins relationship and here it even killed!
    the need of relations is one who loves much and one who understands. misunderstanding eat up the relation like weed…
    as far writing is concerned.. you know you write fab… and story.. it made me cry and cringe.

    p.s- sorry for being late


  7. Thank u all for the wonderful reviews..
    and @Deepika: even if u've pointed out the drawbacks I would have love even more in the pursuit to improve πŸ™‚

    @Rachana: lovely reviews and u cud have told me if u dint like the previous template.. πŸ™‚


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