The window with a broken pane…. – Part 1

It was a strange day. Every little thing associated with it was so different, everything was so unusual. I looked out of the window, sun was settling down faster than usual, birds were in a hurry to their nests and even the streets were getting deserted much faster than any other evening. Clouds were just ready to envelope the skies from all the directions. A cool breeze was fluttering the curtains of the window, the window with a broken pane.

The moment had elements of uneasiness and on the other hand it was all so peaceful. It seemed as the whole universe is struggling like me between two extreme points of uneasiness and peace. The cold breeze was giving me the goose bumps and as everything outside was getting darker by every minute passed the whole surrounding was filled with melancholy. As the time progressed, anything that I could see out of the window was a deserted lane with tall trees on its both sides, standing like the warriors. Everything was so calm and silent except the howling of our dog Canto.

Suddenly Canto’s howling turned into barking I walked upto him “Canto, what happened?” I asked giving him pat on the head. There was a man in the white and blue uniform standing at the door. “Hello sir, Can I see Mrs. James?” he asked. “Nnn No, I mean why do you want to see her?” I asked stammering. “I have a parcel for her. Can you please give it to her then ?” he asked. “Sure” I snatched the parcel from his hands and waited to see him moving completely out of the gate beyond the lawns. It seemed as if he smelled something the way he tried to peeped in to the corridor that leads to the room, the room of Mrs. James or Mrs. Roselynn James.

I shut the door and moved towards the end of corridor which leads to Roselynn’s room. “You’ve got the parcel Rose.” I called as I entered the room. It was in a messy state. In a first glance you could see a broken glass, some wine spilled over the floor near the carpet and the bedsheet crumbled as if someone had struggled too much. Room was filled with the fragrance of the perfumes my Rose used to wear. There was pin drop silence in the room as if no one ever existed here.

I kept the parcel on the table and filled the glass with some wine. Took my glass and found a seat just besides my Rose. “Cheers!! to this evening and Cheers to the wonderful time we’ve spent together” I said with choking voice. Rose did not reply, she kept lying with her eyes wide open. She was looking so beautiful even now. By now even the blood that oozed out of her slitted neck was dried. I kept her hand in my hand and my other hand was in her silky, lush black hair. I kept staring at her but I knew she’ll never move, she’ll never talk to me again. I kept watching her and tears started coming out of my eyes, thinking about all those mesmerizing moments we had spent together.

I stood up and brought a bunch of freshly cut roses from the garden for her. She was still unmoved. I saw again in her eyes. They were still open at large but it seemed she was in peace.

I again sat besides my broken window pane….!!


  1. I read the post it ws so awesome…kind of thing which i can never imagine…OMG why that brutal death…seriously i got those goose bumps..Anyways..i thing since i got the goose bumps…seriously it was something to read upon n praise you my dear!! well written…right from the beginning to end….enjoyed the way each words gave a different meaning…n twist to the story!!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..


  2. wow…this is really good n different too from ur previous blogs…it's grt dat u trying different genre n doing well…!!!

    like others m too waiting for part-2 of dis broken window pane… 🙂


  3. interesting …1st blog that i've read of urs nd i think i'll now read the others as well that i've missed …waiting for part 2 of dis 1…great work rahul …god bless !!


  4. hey! !st time on ur blog and i m impressed to say the least! very well narrated..not overly described yet has all the details to make the plot gripping…the first para is so beautifully attributed to give a tangible feel to the window pane…i ll definitely be back for the second part 🙂 keep writing!



  5. Hey…M so eager to go to the part 2nd after reading this one…and i knw its right over there…so no waiting for me…U r trying new things evrytime…Liked it!!


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