Meeting of the Lifetime or for the Lifetime.. God knows !! – Part 2

That last meeting with her was ofcourse special because it was just a starting point of the long long story (or as it seemed to me). The calls, messages, chattings and all sources of being connected were utilized to the optimum levels. In the cases like these you really thank Graham Bell for his invention of the telephone but then I would not take away the credit from the ones who had gone one step ahead and gave us the mobile phones. It seems they knew our generation would surely need it. Wow, the days turned longer and nights short, obviously if you sleep at 3 or 4 a.m. But I was in love with that phase too.

The biggest change was that we started meeting regularly and as the time progressed it turned to ‘frequently’ from ‘regularly’ and I was enjoying every bit of it as it was like a dream coming true. We used to talk for hours from personal stuff to any vague topic that exists. Almost every weekend we used to go for a movie and every movie producer/directer could be atleast sure of 2 viewers.. LOL. Then comes the shopping part (the most important part if the one who is reading is a girl and most irritating if the one who is reading is a guy) but then I would not refrain myself from discussing the shortcomings too because my Mom always say don’t run away from the things that scare you, face them. Facing them Mom, I faced them all. Even though after knowing the fact that for facing them your son spent half of his salary you would curse yourself for teaching him this. The worst part is that girls would try every dress even if she would have to buy only one, I hope its not true when it comes to chosing a guy.

Not that I’m being chosen or not but I seriously never made an effort to find out and there are 2 reasons for not finding out. Both are the extreme opposites but still I would share, OK, the first was I never felt a need to ask as it seemed to be very obvious ‘yes’ and now the second one was that I din’t have the courage to face a ‘no’ so I decided to face it when it would come. With her I used to feel complete, yes, she was the one whom I could think of introducing to my parents. As the time progressed I was sure that I wanted to be with her only. I was sure that she’s the one with whom I can spend my whole life. It’s the time to actualize things which were only dreamt of till now so, I decided to talk to her and face the consequences after watsoever her answer would be.
My feelings had now came to a stage where every thing just remind you of your beloved. Every song you hear would make you think as if it is written keeping you and your love story in mind. You tend to smile sitting alone sometimes remembering the instances you’d shared together or sometimes planning for the instances you intend to share together. And trust me all in all it was crazy but very lovable. It’s somehow living all together in a different world where you don’t like a disturbance of any type watsoever. But does this really ever happen? Can you think of a story that was all good? Me too was not an exception for that matter.

One fine day (not so fine actually), my phone rang “Hey buddy, can we meet at 2?” she said. “yes, sure but..” I replied but till then she’d disconnected the phone. Buddyyyyyyyy….. wat the hell… I mean yeah she didn’t abuse me but this buddy thing was so formal of her to call me. I was upset and at the same time scared as it was very unusual of her to talk to me like this. She’s never so plain atleast when it comes to talking to me. Though not giving all this much weightage I got up to get ready but somehow I was not at ease. I was going to meet her but I was not happy, there was something that was scaring me at the backend.
As I reached the place I saw 2 girls, one was obviously her and the other one I couldn’t recognize. “Hi, she’s Tisha.” she said introducing me to that sweet looking girl. That was not all about it as she goes on “I need your help Arav, first of all I wanted to say sorry that I never told you about it.” “About what yar” I asked with a choking voice. “Tisha and me….are in a relationship. I know its shocking for you. I know being not in this position it’s nearly impossible for you to accept this but the truth is a truth Arav. I can’t keep you in dark now, I just can’t. I decided to tell you this when last night you indirectly hinted at talking to your parents about me” she said in one go. I listened to her standing frozen, didn’t know how to react in such a situation. On one side was my love for her, all those moments, those talks, those movies, those shoppings and everything that was between us (or atleast I used to think that was) was getting destroyed and on the other side I didn’t really have an option.
“How you would want me to help now?” I said though bit rudely. “Me and Tisha are leaving the country tonight and I just want you to keep mum about this. I am just telling you because I know you would have gone mad if you couldn’t find me tomorrow morning” she said.

I said nothing and left that place. On the way back all I was doing was controlling my tears from coming out. No matter how sad they are, guys still hate to show their tears to anyone except to Mom (atleast in my case).
As Mom opened the door she sensed something is wrong but didn’t ask at that very moment. But when for the next two hours I didn’t come out of my room, Mom was sure now. She entered my room and at that very moment all I wanted was have mom seated beside me and exactly the same thing happened. Even without her asking anything I bursted and was all in tears and don’t even remember when I fell asleep.


  1. Okay….wht ever be the end destination..i loved the journey. you been true to words n concepts…! definitely know women mind. i loved the humour u added..something which is not added but its something that comes to u naturally! it was real n i was having so much fun reading it! each para were to apt with flow n correct emotions n expressions.
    but here comes the twist…those were 'happy gurls'. i respect them whrever they are. so wont comment over that..sorry even if u insist i wont say anything!
    But would like to tell u….i loved reading this post…gives u a real feeling…not something like a story or hypothetical…but true it can happen these days. i love the way u express the urging feeling of love n being love…its so livly…to actually fall in love with ur words!!
    for me fulltu rock on hai ji!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..


  2. Great story bro!!!…..loved everything about it….the lines about gals trying every dress when they have to buy just one….and the twist was awesome…just out of the blue!!!…rocking write!!!!


  3. it's too good…trust me while reading,i never thought about such kind of twist…lol…but it's great to read…n dat shopping part is jst soooo true… πŸ™‚

    full points bro…

    keep rocking!


  4. Dis blog started and ended wid a truth about women.
    first is all women r shopaholics 2 d core irrespective of denying it soo strongly.
    second, Moms rock.
    I believe dats how women r πŸ™‚


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