Meeting of the Lifetime or for the Lifetime.. God knows !!

It was almost after 14 months (to be precise) we have broken the ice not by my efforts though, its only because of her off course. But I was obviously very excited for this day as for the past 14 months I was dreaming to sit with her, talk to her, see her, look into her eyes and so on.. Phew!! it’s my last day in this building of our office and she pinged me for a coffee. Couldn’t think of a better farewell gift.. But somehow all these thoughts of meeting her, sitting with her and saying more than ‘Hi, How are you?’ were making me restless and anxious. 
The day before yesterday I saw her in the office cafeteria and was thinking that I might not probably see her again that easily and then series of other painful thoughts followed. I was looking her , searching for her in the crowd of 500 people and suddenly found her looking at me. As soon as we made the eye contact, we could see the fear of losing in each others’ eyes. I gave her a smile though my eyes were singing the tunes of melancholy.
That night after coming back from office I kept thinking about her, things we shared on SMSs , on chats and those few but very meaningful calls. So meaningful that I even remember each and every subject we talked about. Sometimes serious and sometimes so playful. The discussion about a movie song or the discussion about F.r.i.e.n.d.s television series or the discussion about a book or an author. Some serious discussions took the playful turns and some playful discussions faced abrupt endings. But all in all everything we talked, felt and the time spent was so meaningful and could not be defined in the set parameters of ‘Being Friends’ or whatever name you give it, but do we really need a name for everything. Over these 14 months I learnt that everything cannot be just so much defined and put into either side of a good-bad or practical-impractical. Few things are just meant to be the way they are, UNDEFINED and UNSAID. Sometimes words can’t do so much justice to the feelings and moments that a SILENT smile can do..
O.k. coming back to present, we decided to meet finally. As the time to meet her was approaching my excitement was mounting and making me conscious. I knew this nervousness and all is just the case with me and perhaps she does not feel the way I feel or she is very head strong but then what’s wrong with my way of thinking. Am I guilty of thinking something that I should not then what’s wrong in this even if…. ‘Whatever’ I told to myself. If I myself don’t know then how would she come to know. I atlast pinged her ‘Can we meet now?’. ‘Yes, meet me downstairs in 5 minutes’ she replied. And as usual I knew these 5 minutes would be very tough to handle. Full of all types of emotions, some part of it making me excited, some of it making me sad as it could have been my last chance.
I collected guts and pushed myself out of the chair and started for the ‘Meeting of The Lifetime’. She was wearing a Green top and as usual was looking stunning. As we both approached we had smiles on our face and the tension disappeared like a bubble. “So finally, we have broken the ice..” she said. “Ohh yes ” I said smiling and feeling bit more confident. As we sat down for a cup of coffee the words started flowing and all those discussions that were only there in the SMSs, chats and calls find a place on the coffee table. At the back of my mind I was thinking of everything, I always wanted to share, talk. I wanted to bring them all to the table but I knew even days will fall short before I would run out of stock for words….
For few hours I totally forgot that it’s my last day in this building and from next week I’m reporting to a different place and may not be able to see all these faces and off course will be leaving everything behind me, well almost. I started feeling discomfort and it felt like a phase of life is coming to an end. I looked at her she was talking to me but I wasn’t actually listening. As I looked into her eyes she made me realize that irrespective of me moving ahead in life, I’m not leaving my life behind. Some very precious and priceless moments are stepping with me in to the next level, making the journey of life more special and enjoyable..

She wished me ‘ALL THE BEST’ and we vowed to be in touch as ever or may be even more. 🙂
Disclaimer: All characters and instances in the story above are the work of my imagination and wishful thinking. Please don’t be judgemental [for those who know me ;)]


  1. Damn! the post ended/….
    so quicky…
    I loved the flow…the shades of life n emotions…wow I liked man!!
    Actually the post is too short to say anything…
    U know when I was reading it I felt a comfort and excitment in reading not just cause I love such love-tags kind of things but SERIOUSLY…The post read it..felt as if I wrote it…I mean the feelings, the emotions, the coffee, the imagination…plus the little details is just to enchanting to feel!
    Bas yaar I just like it so much…I wont force u…but would like to read more..may b like a second part or something..

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..


  2. there you go…. u know wat I want to write second part of it actually and probably thats the reason I kept it shorter than usual.. I myself feel it should have a prper end.. either this side or that side.. so for sure its second part will come to soothe my nerves too 🙂

    and seriously when I was writing I felt like u'r writing all this for me..the flow emotions was so fluet.. OMG!! 😉
    thanks so much Rachana ..


  3. Rahul I want to read more here..wanna know what comes after that…??…I swear I was feeling like its from me…fortunately or unfortunate in some terms I had the same exp and I was imaging things while reading ur blog…I felt the same at that time…but now I wanna know wats the outcome…pls do share that as well.

    I just always love your blogs…this time too you have shared smthing in real…keep going dude..and I am gonna wait for your next part of it…:)


  4. @Richa: thank u so much for liking it and understanding the depth I shared.. I will surely write its sequel to giv it a logical end..

    Note: its not real though.. work of my imagination and wishful thinking.. 😉


  5. I told Bipin its bit of reality, bit of fiction and offcourse my wishful thinking 🙂
    I love to imagine characters from my real life so that I can relate more to what I write 🙂


  6. The way u have portrayed these characters, I deny to accept the above disclaimer.
    Every time u write something, I kind of relate everything coz it sounds so real. Great work once again :))


  7. good one Rahul….I really like the way you start with the small small details of everthing around… waiting for the another one…. more romantic and cute…
    Aur tumne FB par etna formal reply kyu kiya hai… jada bhav dikha rahe ho consulting mein jaake… lol


  8. wow!!!

    it's simply amazing d way u hav portrayed dose emotionally high feelings…i simply loved it…m'sorry but regardless of d disclaimer i'm relating all dose incidents to ur life..or our life…but dats d beauty of ur work..u write so good that v get forced to do so 🙂

    truly superb!!!


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