Life does take a U-Turn but like this??..LOL

It was 6 p.m. and I was trying hard to concentrate on my work by putting on my headset so that I can just listen to music and can cut off from the disturbing voices from all-around..

It was going pretty good till my Sametime messenger started blinking (Sametime is our official Instant messenger service)
I opened it up and started reading:

Simran Kaur/9: Hi Rahul

Rahul: Hi !! (excitedly I asked seeing an unknown gal’s name and that too a sardarni..)
Simran Kaur/9: are you from Naraina?
Rahul: Yes.. but.. (wow, she knows a lot about me but was still confused that who she is)
Simran Kaur/9: It seems you haven’t recognise me..
Rahul: Yea, I can’t think of a probable connection 🙂
Simran Kaur/9: Ok, no problems, bye then.. (she wrote with a disappointment I could sense)
Rahul: But it seems you know me well so why don’t you help me out.. (din’t want to let go of an opportunity, if
Simran Kaur/9: Yes, I know a lot about you..
Rahul: really?? (but now I wasn’t that excited, because I din’t want this Simran to be that Simran about which I’s tinking..)
Rahul: are you from B Block Naraina?
Simran Kaur/9: nopes, not that close
Rahul: Patel Nagar?? (Don’t say yes was my feeling….)
Simran Kaur/9: yes 🙂    (Ohh shitt, no this can’t happen.. if other miracles don’t happen then why this one ?? I asked God!!)
Rahul: ok. I’ve some work. I’ll talk to you later.. (I din’t have courage to talk any further… my head started aching)
My head started spinning and for a struggle of nearly half an hour I gave up.. I couldn’t concentrate. I asked my friend to go for a tea downstairs so that I can get over her thought.
Tea definitely helped a little but not much and I spent rest of the day working with that thought, hitting from behind.
Finally at 1:30 a.m my shift ended and I took a sigh of relief because now I can be with myself and get all that stuff out.
It was actually a bag of mixed emotions and basically nothing sad or serious sorts. Everybody has a bit of a dark side so do you’ve.. (I said to myself, actually to relieve myself..Lol)
I closed my eyes and immediately my mind took me to to that if it was waiting for this only..
I got in contact with this girl around 3 years back through a common friend. Nos. got exchanged though haven’t got to meet. It was a post break-off period and like typical friends my friends too advised the same thing that getting in touch with more and more gals work faster to heal the heart burns. Being a first timer I started following them and obviously could see the chances recovering from a heart-break.. LOL
So coming to the main character Simran Kaur, ya we started talking on phone, SMSing and what not that was technologically possible that time. In a week’s time we got very comfortable with each other. Even she started discussing her household issue. Though listening to all this is very boring but still it gives you a sense of pride that other person trusts you so much that he/she can share almost everything with you.. (but trust me its very boring)
One day we were chatting and suddenly she asked, ‘Can we meet?’ though I wanted to ask this question very first day we started talking but somehow din’t want to show her that my only intention is to get over a breakoff..
‘This weekend?’ I asked.. and to my surprise she immediately said yes..
I was so excited as this all was happening with so much of speed that I was almost thrilled with the sense of some adventure..She called me on sunday morning and said we’ll meet at 12 p.m. near PVR Naraina. I got up and got ready much before time in the sheer excitement.
I was standing at ticket counter of PVR waiting for her. The feeling was awesome, not had these butterflies in the stomach since long I thought. Every girl coming towards ticket counter was Simran Kaur for me untill they actually walk towards the ticket counter and not to me. But all in all I’s enjoying this. The main thought running in my mind was to make the best impression in the very first meeting only. Life will not be bad from now on I thought. It was around 12:15 my phone rang and it was her. My heart started pounding but I recollected the guts and pressed the green button to answer the call.. ‘Where are you? I’m just parking my car..’ her voice came. ‘I am standing near ticket counter in a blue t-shirt.’ I said..and disconnected the phone.
Soon I saw a huge, no a giant figure emerging from the parking. It couldn’t be her, she doesn’t sound this huge.I thought. But my worst fears came true when that giant smiled at me..and to add on to it she was not looking a 24 yrs old girl as claimed by her. I stood still as she approached. ‘Hi..Rahul?’ she asked.. ‘Hi, yes, and you’re Simran’..I said forcing myself to smile. We went to the adjacent restaurant. She looked at the 10 page menu card and gave expression like it had nothing, still managed to order 5 things. And during all that time I was busy calculating the bill. We sat there for nearly 2 hours obviously finishing 5 dishes atleast takes this much time. She once tried to hold my hand and feed me herself through a spoon but in the midst of avoiding all the embarrassment, I din’t let her do that and took control of the situation. After paying the bill and nearly not speaking anything for nearly 2 hours we came out of the restaurant. 
We bid each other a casual bye and I started heading towards home. after a couple of days I somehow changed my number and din’t inform her about that thinking this relation won’t help both of us anyhow because it can never work. 
And since then never got in touch with her but today as her message appeared on the screen, verified the fact that life does take a U-Turn.but like this??.. LoL..
As cab reached home I jumped onto my bed and went to sleep after such a long and tiring day which made me travel nearly 3 years in the past…hahahaha
Disclaimer: Through this story the author does not want to offend anyone and just wanted to share a darker side of the human sensibilities through a funny angle to it. 
Everyone has a dark side attached to his/her personality but wiser is who accepts it and works toward improving rather than graving the issue by repeating them.


  1. That is a nice thought at the end… I just wanna say one thing we expect a lot from life. We are not wrong on this part coz we are humans and thts our birth right… But just try not to expect a lot from life otherwise tht will lead us only to the darker side of life. I hope u'll understand tht Rahul…


  2. As's tooo gud!…specially 'calculating the bill'..lolz

    i don't knw y it happens but v do mistakes ven v get into or i shd say ven v r in a relationship n don't realize dem…but ven everything gets over v again look for another relationship to forget d first one & to repeat all dose mistakes again…Y can't v correct things initially so dat v don't hav to repeat dem!!!


  3. Hey!!A nice and a light hearted one.
    Just loved it…
    Ur blogs just can't let us stop in between. It makes u read till d end..It was funny but yes it has a deeper meaning to it…


  4. Utterly rude but very true..people do change there decisions instantly. When you get the unexpected(ugly looking)your feelings & thoughts just disappear in thin air. And it takes hell of a guts to get carried away wid ur emotions then n so ur active brain takes charge and acts like any other selfish being.

    Rahul, though I didn't like the selfish u in this blog bt I knw this is how we all are. SELFISH!


  5. LOL! awww … i loved the idea here, and what darker side?? LOL, this is what the young generation does, you like some, you love some, and then there are some you don't ! All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
    Leaving the philosophies of life aside….. THIS Happens, or has happened to everyone at one point or the other, obv. no one is perfect….. these are just lessons and experiences learned in so called “LIFE” !
    I like I like :o)


  6. lolzzzzzzzzzz great rahul… nice as alwayzzz ! Keep it up .. but no simran kaur plzzzz .. janhit me jari 😉 God Bless



  7. This is quite something Rahul! I'm amazed to see how you have plotted this story with so much of ease and correct words without a reflecting each and every emotion.

    I can never think of anything like that…so humble and deep. However the best part was that I'm lad to see the guy beside being so disappointed actually been calm and nice to her and moreover spend sometime with her without rushing here and there right that moment. Sad that latter he did reverted his emotions very rudely.

    Overall very impressive post!
    Absolutely liked it! keep us amazed with your twist and turns of thoughts and powerful writings!

    ~Keep the spark Alive..


  8. Ohh woww… So many reactions some good and some bad asin't some accepted it as human nature some disputed it as selfishnes.. hmmm
    friends the only point I wanted to make is that we are human and in almost all areas of life we only aspire for best and when that best did not happen we retract from the situations.. ways could be different..
    What this guy did was not justifiedbut he knew it wouldn't work out ever and what would have he told that girl that I can't talk to you because you don't look as per my expectations?.. Lol

    So at the end the point is everyone of us had have done something or other wrong in life either knowingly or unknowingly..
    Its better to accept and improve upon..

    But thank you so much all of you for reading, acknowledging and reviewing my work.. 🙂
    you all are my mentors in true sense.. because from here I feel your pulse and experiment.. Lol..

    God Bless you all..


  9. hahaha nice one.. specially the entry of Simran kaur and your reactions :-))) Teri life bante bante reh gai dost.. lolzzz. Another achievement I must say Rahul… keep going


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