Curious case of a ‘Special Child’..certainly special..!!

He was dismissed as a special child when he was born. Yes, he was a special child not because of his inability to speak and a less than normal developed brain but he was special because he is so innocent and cannot think any absurd thing like we can and we do. He was even held responsible for his mother’s deteriorate health by some irresponsible relatives. Thank God he couldn’t understand that or he could have spent his whole life in a guilt (anyways he was not a reason for it).

As he started growing up he was different from others because he is the best person you can trust upon. If there would be ‘purest heart’ contest held by the Heavens then I bet he’ll surely gonna win. He’s perhaps the only child who loves going to school (Lol). He follows the very basic religion, the religion of Love and Care. Today he is one of the most loved person in the family and tell you he is more obedient and caring than a normal person. 

I always have shared a great bond with him irrespective of the situations between the two families (Kahani Ghar Ghar ki..). I always loved the innocence he carries, his purity of heart is seem less. I always wanted to be this much pure. We the tagged ‘normal beings’ are not even 10% of what he is. He was medically termed as a retarded but conceptually speaking we are worse. 
We in the normal course of life at times turn selfish but he never does that because he is God’s child and is blessed with a heart of gold. 

I have got a chance to see him growing and in the due course have learnt a lot, something knowingly and some just settled in. And in this journey since childhood I have learnt a very important lesson that if you’re loved by God for what you are then nothing can stop you from leading a successful (meaningful is better) life. Definition of Success cannot be defined in set terms but for me a successful life means living your life with dignity and utmost respect. He may not be aware that he has earned both dignity and respect.

Today he is running a neighborhood confectionery shop with his  parents and trust me, he is contributing equally with his sheer conviction to his work. It is commendable and heart filling to see the hardwork he puts in. In some way or the other I am highly motivated to see him coming to the terms of life on almost his own terms. What matters in life is your outlook towards it and the amount of conviction you are ready to put in. The day we develop the art of simplifying the life we can become its masters.

I have always loved to be a part of your life and owe this positive outlook to you somehow.
You are a beautiful soul, always be the way you are..

Love you Bhai..
God Bless you.. (He surely will)


  1. Sometimes the stories are true and so highly packed with captivated pure emotions and sincere best-wishes…that it makes me so difficult to describe the immense joy I have in my heart and refecting back the same in words to convey the message that 'U made me inspired today!'
    Thankyou for the Spark:))
    Loved the narration!!!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..


  2. It was great!!And it's so true.We ppl who are so normal tend to hurt others so easily, but such ppl can never ever think of cheating or hurting somebody. They are the pure soul.
    Thanks for diverting our minds towards them and for making us realize this that they are above us.!!
    Keep up the good work!!


  3. Thank u all for reading and acknowledging this post..
    @ Bhawna: thanks..
    @ Rachana: you're my mentor u know that 😉
    @ Chandni: Thanks for sharing the important lesson from the story with others 🙂


  4. Nice! very well said. beautiful ideas and a great message you have conveyed. not every one can learn so much from situations around them. great that you are and then by sharing you are teaching it to the rest who are too busy with their lives to notice and learn themselves. keep it up and all the best


  5. Good work dude !! Yet again a best seller..but, to me what is more amazing than the thoughts you pen down are the pictures you select to complement them 🙂
    Can't wait to read your next weekly dose..Good luck !!


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