I hope one day it stops haunting me……

It does not matter how much we grow old but still some instances from the past never let go from the sub-conscious mind. We keep thinking about them as and when, though over the years the frequency starts declining eventually…But this incident was not one of those types because for last 15 years there have not been a single day when I did not think of it. By now I have understood that I can’t run away from it and its the time to speak-up.

15 years ago:

15th August was just a week away and as usual Delhi’s skyline was crowded with kites, of all colours and shapes possible. I was no different from other kids but that day was different I think. Mom, Dad and my little sister Bhawna were out of station to attend a wedding at some relative’s place. I couldn’t go as I had my weekly class test the coming Monday. It could have been the best Saturday if there would be no exam on Monday but unfortunately it was not the case. Anyway I started preparing for the exam pretty early so that I could have my kites flying session in the evening. I was in my room mugging up my subject notes and just in between I heard the sound as if some construction work is going around. The voices of construction workers, tools and everything were so clear and almost seemed to be coming from the very next room. I stopped for once but then thought that could be some construction work going near by.

It was 5 p.m. and I decided to part ways with books and move ahead with the ‘Kite flying’ plans. As we had moved in this house only a month back, I did not have any friends but that did not stop me from my plans. I reached the terrace with all my stuff but it was strange I realized there was no construction work going nearby “so from where did those noises coming?” I thought.
The weather was nice and cool breeze had enough speed to help my kites to gain altitude. I was pretty happy with the achievement but some stupid guy across the lane cut my kite’s string and it started descending and my eyes started following it. I was upset as that was my last kite and I was bit skeptical about the idea of roaming in the streets to search where did it fall as it had started getting dark. I sat down on the pavement…Suddenly a voice came from behind ‘your kite’.. I looked behind it was a boy nearly my age but wore bit shabby clothes. His face was pale and eyes were quite red as if he haven’t slept for few days. I took my kite from him and said “Thanks, by the way how do you know it was my kite?” He said “was watching you..”..really? I thought..
” anyways come again tomorrow but around 5 p.m., we’ll play together” I said.. “OK” he said and walked away. From where did he come? He said he was watching me..and his appearance was too not that normal. All these thoughts flooded my mind but I manged to get normal soon and started watching T.V.

Next Day:

There was a power-cut and DESU people said it would take nearly 2 hours more to rectify the fault. Its almost 4:45 p.m. I thought, why not utilize this time to have fun. I was just thinking and somebody knocked the back door. I opened the door, it was him (that guy). I said ‘Hi’..He just smiled. I was telling him that there is no electricity and as I was saying all this I noticed the cooler behind me got started..I was shocked because there was no electricity and even the switch was not plugged in. I saw at his face, he was staring at the cooler and smiling. His looks had something very strange but I couldn’t figure out what. I tried to ignore the whole thing and moved to the living room to get the kites and stuff. He followed me, it was partially dark inside the room. I noticed, he was continuously staring at the ceiling though there was nothing on it. But his expressions had changed by now..He sat on the floor, I collected guts to go near him and as I started I noticed him crying, his eyes turned blood red and face turned paler. I was shocked once again. I did not know what to do now and why is he crying looking at the ceiling, I had no idea. He got up and without saying a word moved towards the back door, I followed swiftly trying to talk to him. He moved out of the door and as I looked outside I nearly fainted seeing that sight. There was no one in the lane, it was an empty lane. That evening I was so frightened and just kept praying to god and trying to divert my mind from all that happened.

Few months after that incident we moved to some other locality.Β 

For years I had not talked about this to anyone not even mom and dad. Years passed but this incident did not die inside me. Sometimes I get up suddenly from sleep shouting and crying..and when I’m up I don’t remember the reason I was crying….

In the morning today I heard Dad telling Mom that the house in which we once lived had an accident when it was getting constructed. And in that accident a boy aged 10 years was killed. This conversation chilled down my spine and now I knew what was that 15 years ago.

I hope one day it stops haunting me…….


  1. Hey Rahul!!It was horrifying man..
    U again surprised us with an amazing story…Eveytime u come up with a new story and surprise all of us..
    Keep up the good work man..
    Loved the story!! A new concept…brilliant.


  2. Grrrreat Man….Looks like you've been inspired by a great man..good going… we have some one who pens down his thoughts so well. keep up the good work….now market this a little..for your sake go to twitter and share this story with RGV .

    who knows…clicking of the stone can never be heard.



  3. very well written. Your write up took me completely into imaginations.
    Brilliant work I must say!! Will wait for your next blog soon πŸ™‚


  4. @ Rahul

    Brilliant Boy..!
    I was just wondering..what a kite story may turn into. The beginning was really sweet…I could imaginne all the real aura old delhi steets…and kids playing, strings and shabby hair!
    Just everything was so apt in those tiny paragraphs.
    And here the boy..crying..I read almost five times to exactly extract the whole of emotions from those lines and specific choosen words!!

    It was really great…out of box idea and emotions were just so crisp to hold the feelings and tie up the childhood and complete though process behind every tear!!!

    Keep good work and surprising everyone!!
    Yep! Now i know why were u so excited!!
    It is indeed a brilliant piece of art of words and stimulating senses!

    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..


  5. This story took my breath away. Very well written Rahul. I actually started emagining the whole story.
    Keep writing such brilliant work.
    Can't wait to read next blog


  6. wow…it's great dat u expanding ur boundaries & writing in diff styles..
    i jst loved it…
    dude u shd start plotting a story for ur book and m sure dat will b amazing…
    till dat comes m waiting for ur next post πŸ™‚
    luv U!


  7. Thanks to you all my lovely friends….. πŸ™‚
    I mean I'm just overwhelmed with your reactions.
    @Rachana,@Kiran,@Chandni,@Panky,@Bhawna,@Debbie, @Esha,@Meena ma'm and
    lastly @Anurag: Mamu you are the inspiration for this story you know that and you oqe the credit if people are liking it… πŸ™‚

    @ Rachana: I love your feedback and your eye for detail…and your comments giving a tough competition to my blog even..hehe πŸ˜‰

    Thanks once again..I'll keep writing till the time you all are ready to read…Lolzzz


  8. Oh God Rahul…thats a thriller this time…dats a horrified kite story ended with boys's accident…very well placed Rahul..loved ur blog..great work again..!!

    Keep up the good job Rahul..and keep trying using diff stuffs like this…will be waiting for ur next blog..tk buddy.. πŸ™‚


  9. oh.. i seriously was trembling imagining this….
    i m glad its a fiction else i was wondering that the person(narrator) would have gone mad due the mental trauma…
    great work


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