Confessions of a ‘Broken heart’..

Disclaimer: All characters of this story are very much close to the reality and they not only resemble me but almost everyone out there. So just don’t concentrate on the character’s name. Hehehe….

Note: Part I of this story can be enjoyed best with the song ‘Shayad yahi to pyar hai” from the movie ‘Lucky’ in the background..

March 3, 2007, 10:30 a.m.:
My phone vibrated and I knew it was her, must be a good morning call. As usual a smile came to my face.
I said “Good morning sweetie..” “Good morning baby, I am going to the institute for collecting my certificates with Gaurav” she replied. “Ohh yes I know. Cool, go ahead or you will get late. We can talk later.” I said. She replied in affirmation and we put down the phone.
As I just moved towards my toothbrush the phone rang again. Mom noticed and gave that deadly look. I smiled and picked up phone. Its her again, “Baby, I love you..” She said (so beautifully). “I love you too..” came my reply with an instant smile. It can’t get better than this. I thought. 🙂
But who has seen the future? Neither did I know whats going to be there ahead.

2:30 p.m.: Had it been a usual day we could have talked atleast 2 hours in the last 4 hours, I thought.
Finally dialed her number. A male voice picked up phone..”Hi Rahul, she has gone to the counter to get the food. We are at McD’s. I’ll ask her to call you back..” her friend said. “OK, thanks.” I replied. But I was disheartened as the urge of talking to her was at its peak.
This was not the first time she had gone out with friends and not the first time when we have not talked for 4 hours but something unusual was pinching me.
A feeling of uneasiness was growing by each passing minute as if, my sub conscious mind knows that everything is not well.
Well I decided to wait till she herself calls back.

5:30 p.m.: Phone vibrated again. Its her I murmured with a smile..” I missed you so much din’t even call once since morning ….” I said(sadly like a child). “Rahul….I want to say something” she said but this was not her usual chirpy voice. The love quotient was missing in her tone. I recollected guts to listen to what she wanted to say. “I want to end this right away. Don’t ask me anything because I don’t have answers.” She said.
And I was to react? what to say ? I felt like my brain is filled with the super influx of blood and for a moment, I couldn’t think anything. After a pause, I kind of regained consciousness and asked her with a very unstable voice “Why? I mean what ?” She hung up without replying.

Note: Part II of the story can be best enjoyed with the song ‘Alvida’ from the movie ‘ a metro’ playing in the background.

And after endless phone calls, infinite messages and every possible type of communication I brought myself face to the face with the ghost of a Break-off. Its over I said to mom. She din’t react as if she knew this will happen one day. Finally that dreamy world shattered and life suddenly came to a halt abruptly. Everything seemed just too meaningless and awe-ful.
Even with everyone around I could still feel lonely and the best thing I could only think of is crying and more crying. Sometimes openly when alone and sometimes cried inside when couldn’t show tears.
Even the best of  friends din’t seem  much of a comfort. Even the rains couldn’t make me happy.
And the worst is not over yet. I decided to be her friend atleast, so that I would get to talk to her and spend some time together. I thought  would change things and yes I did but for even worse.

The acrimonies of the painful break-up kept going and the saying like ‘Time will heal everything’ seemed to me  the most beautiful quote ever. And finally I started finding solace in the company of sad songs and tragic movie scenes. Seems funny but true. And eventually a time came when thinking about her and crying became my sleeping pills.

One day got an interview call from a big MNC in Gurgaon.

Note: Part III can be best enjoyed with the song ‘Jeene ke Ishare mil gaye’ playing in the background.

July  7, 2007: I went for the interview. It went good and I’s somewhat sure that I’ve made it, though HR told that they’ll confirm my candidature in a couple of days. As we came out it started drizzling and that very feeling of satisfaction touched me once again. For one second I stopped and asked to myself “Dude you’d a break off just 5 months back. How can you feel good.?”

Finally after several months of despair and agonies, after several of those painful nights life again took a turn. And something inside me knew its for good.I got selected and joined this company.
My very first experience of the job. This was a total different experience all together for me. Met so many wonderful and some not so wonderful people. Made some very good friends. And with time things started changing and you know what? I started sleeping without my special sleeping pills. .. LOL.
As the time moved ahead life took a total different turn and put me on the driver’s seat.

Now when I see backwards I somehow thank god for the opportunities and the wisdom that he has bestowed upon me. I thank him for showing me lows of life so that I can learn those lessons of life, which can only be learnt through pain.

And in the end I want to say that I know that part of my life was beautiful but this part has even more to it. Finally I can say there exists a better tomorrow beyond a broken heart and ruins of a broken relationship.

I assure you Life is not that bad and its always worth living.

Love you all 🙂


  1. Wow… truely amazin 🙂 really a touching article … man u gota brilliant gift from god .. plz concentrate on it!


  2. vry affecting vry touching…n a vry beautiful message too…life doesn't ends after smthing like dis hapns…n smtimes bad thing hapns to bring a gud change.. 🙂

    keep doing grt job dude….u ROCK!!!


  3. have nothing much to say after reading its … its simply great … i mean it and will be waiting for more my friend 🙂


  4. Thanks @Manpreet, @Simrat, @Debbie, @Pankaj and @Rana…..frankly speaking I never expected these beautiful reviews..
    Through this story I just wanted to say that Life does exists even after worst of the situatins. So, just give yourself and time some time to get things in place for you..


  5. Hey Rahul, it was so touchy and m sure it wil b of gr8 help to al those ppl who r stil livin in d past n r nt able to cm out of it… bt ur real life is really gonna help dem… keep writing n keep shining 🙂


  6. Hey Rahul, it was heart touching..u r superb was really great and a heart touching story for every1 who's going thru this phase. Very true, Life is a beautiful gift and life doesn't end.U simply ROCK man..I luvd it..Waiting for some more stuff..


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