‘something had hit there, where it does matter…’

Sun was settling down very fast and the darkness had started sweeping all around. I could still see ‘Signature Tower’ and many such tall buildings in front of me, could see cars zipping around on the road outside with headlamps switched on. The feeling of lonliness was gripping me very fast. I was feeling like crying and pouring my heart out. Sudden rush of emotions filled my heart, surely the work of some stupid harmones. Weather was good, but still that cold breeze was giving birth to the uneasiness and it was like something had hit that very vaccum. “I’m sad.” I murmured to myself.
Sitting on the second stair of the pavement I noticed even the dog sitting there for hours and giving me company had finally decided to move on. Sad, shattered, melachonic and every such synonym could do justice with my state of mind. I noticed a man coming, he sat next to me. I looked above and to my surprise he looked very peaceful, had grey hair and a charismatic glow on his face. I wondered how someone can be at so much ease, I decided to ignore him. He placed his hand on my shoulder and asked ‘Why are you upset?’ At first I decided to ignore but then decided to respect his age. I said “Let it be, you can’t help.” He insisted “I wanna know.” “O.K.” I replied.
“Can you see that burnt up Pyre and to be very precise the left over ashes there behind us?” I asked. “Yes, so what?” he asked with such a simple look as if I’ve shown him some general run of the mill stuff. “That is me.” I said. “And I’m sad because everything that I’ve accumalated all these years have lost, even my folks din’t listen to me and left me alone here. They think I’m dead. If I’m dead how can I see all this and talk to you? I mean I’m not sure , no prior experience.” I said with a smile. Still wondering, if dead people joke. Old man said “You know what, when you were alive you kept crying to gather all this and now when you’re dead still you’re crying for all these immaterial things. If you would not have thought much about all this you could have been alive. Life is not only about cars, buildings, money and fame. There is much more to it that you people don’t realise till the time you die. Life is to enjoy every bit of happiness that comes your way and live every moment to the fullest. Some people waste their lives doing every bit of unimportant and immaterial acts and ignoring the earthy facts. You’re one of them. Some get a chance to realise all this, few moments before dying, on their death bed. But you did not get even that chance, sorry.” He said. Goshh!! I felt so annoyed irrespective of the fact what all he said made absolute sense. But one thing, no two things, that were doing rounds of my mind were first, he confirmed I’m dead and second, how does he know everything? I recollected guts and asked “Who are you?” “I’m god, as you call me.” he smiled. “lets go and say ‘adieu’ to everything.” he ordered.

“Rahullllllllll..get up beta, its too late.” said mum. “थोड़ी देर में उठता हु माँ..(in some time, mom)” I replied and slipped back into the quilt. But I knew something had hit there, where it does matter.


  1. i have a question rahul!!! i know one can ignore such immaterialistic things around him but how immaterialistic emotions can be ignored when you know tht it matters a lot to u still the emotions are immaterialistic…


  2. @Ajit: Thanks dude.. 🙂
    @Krishna: book will surely come thanks for showing the trust in me 🙂

    and now @Shoonyam: I know its tough. And running away from all those immaterial things n emotions is not easy. But the first step that we have to take is recognising 'what is immaterial' actually? The day you start making this distinction, you'll make a difference.


  3. Hey, Loved the spookiness in the story .. (pyre and all, got me scared a bit!) .. you have good ideas and the story formation is GOOD. Just need to take care of bit of nitty-gritties here and there, whc u'll get better with time.. but honestly .. this is a GOOD READ !!

    Keep your thinking caps on … \m/!


  4. Great going dude…it's a treat to read ur thoughtful posts. It reflects d kind of intellectual depth u poses. Also, dere is a kind of freshness & appeal in ur words…just gratifying!

    waiting for your next blog 🙂


  5. your blog speaks…write carefully my friend it may stir up someone's life or might even bring about a change….use your blessings judiciously , not everyone can speak with their heart and mind.


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