‘Miracles follow Faith’…. is it?? Lets talk..

For all those who don’t know me personally I work in a U.S. based MNC located in Gurgaon and work from 4 in the afternoon uptill 1:30 in the night because my profile requires me to be in sync with my U.S. counterparts. You must be thinking that I’m so self obsessed that I’ve decided to write about myself this time..lol..

Actually the story I’m gonna tell require you to know a bit about me.. O.K. here it goes…..

January 13th, 10:45 p.m.: After dinner Rana asked for a coffee at Costa and I immediately said ‘yes’ because an idea of not going back to your seat is always a brilliant idea.

Was about to enter my office building after coffee suddenly our discussion was overshadowed by a loud ‘Excuse me’ . A guy wearing a white sweatshirt approached us and said “Hi, can I say something” I said yes. He said “can I pray for you?” yeah sure I responded very calmly though my inside world was having several questions. He started by putting one hand on the left side of my chest and start murmuring something like this ” Lord Jesus you died for this guy’s sickness, you died for his cause. Please heal him and grant him a healthy life.” while he was doing this I felt like something was hitting him from inside. Even I could feel those jerks. He asked my name I said ‘Rahul’. He said ” Rahul Lord Jesus died for your sickness and he will heal you..” While I’s still trying to understand what’s happening. He said again (very confidently) ” Try walking now.” I told him that I can’t, he said “try atleast” still I could sense that confidence in his voice like he really have a dedicated bandwith line with god. (I know its not funny at all..lol). I said “I can’t even stand on my legs and you’re talking about walking” I tried to smile all through this. Dropping the idea of forcing me he said “try walking once you reach home.” I said O.K. and we parted ways. But this incident stuck me somewhere. Though I knew that his intentions were not wrong and indeed he wanted good for me but still it all seemed to me as some sort of a joke. I went back to my seat and decided to concentrate on work. I read an email 5 times and was still unable to understand it then I realised that this incident has already taken its toll on my concentration and I decided to share it with Thakur who sits next to me. O.k. Thakur is a guy with an enlightened mindset and the follower of Christ.

After telling him all that has happened, I told Thakur that I don’t believe in all this I mean I can’t hope that I’ll walk on my legs when I’ll reach home. And if I hope for all this to happen I’ll only fool myself and later this all will gonna hurt me. Thakur said ” Miracles follow faith and it should not be vice versa..” I somewhat agreed with him but I have a slightly different view on this I explained

” I’m not saying I dont trust God or his powers, neither I think that miracles don’t happen in real world. But its just I think miracles do happen but not in a way you would want them to be. They can happen in any form and just not any particular shape. I’m a firm believer of the Lord.” I told him that today I’m amongst you all wonderful people, with such a big organisation, so far having a successful career path and achieving everything that may seem an impossible thing to any other person on wheelchair like me. But I got it all, Thanks to my Mum-Dad and the God ji.. 🙂

But there are people like me with loads of talent but no opportunities or I would rather say no access to those opportunities. Then a thought came to my mind and I thought of using my social advantage for this cause. I decided to work on a platform that can bridge the gap between the two.. Those with abilities and talent and those who can give them a chance to prove themselves.

Thakur is helping us with his technical bend and I’ve started working on this initiative. As of now website is under construction and we named it ‘www.inability2enability.org’.

Friends we’ll need your support not financially but in a bigger sense. You’ve to spread the word for us and also do let us know of the opportunities you come across, if any.

Praise the Lord..

Love you all



  1. Aweosme Rahul..this blog is too good…god is always with you..and we are also..after reading this I hv become your Fan..keep it up..waiting to se your site..:)


  2. Hmm…..I really appreciate for wat all u hv decided to do. I will do my best for this organisation to the best of my ability.

    One thing I was waiting to read while going through ur blog…..if u really tried walking?? Y not Rahul? U should hv at the same day….u knw why…..coz miracle does happn….


  3. Thank you all for your views and following this blog..I'll try to write something good each time I'll write something.
    Something interesting is still there. I'm getting quite a few responses people asking me that if I actually tried walking after reaching home. 🙂
    O.K. so the thing is I din't try walking after getting back home because this is what I believe that miracles don't happen in a particular form you want them to be. It could be in any shape.
    Let me share the list of miracles that has happened with me till date:
    1) My Parents and my sister: I don't even need to explain how it is a miracle because no words can do justice to their contribution in my life.
    2)Friends: From school days till today's date I've got an awesome bunch of friends to support me. Naming only a few here is not a good idea.
    3)Career opportunities and social circle that god has gifted me till date. Sometimes challenging but this is how you prove your worth.
    4)God has also blessed me with the mental strength, reasonable amount of wisdom to live my life peacefully.

    This list will go on but the factors towards whom I feel gratitude will not end.
    The point I wanna make here is god cannot come down on earth and do something for you but he creates the appropriate arrangements and opportunities provided you're wise and smart enough to grab them.
    Life is nver bad its just our way of looking at things that make them good or bad.
    I always used to think that someone who is in a good mood can write all this. But I just proved myself wrong here because I'm not in the best of my moods and spirit. But still I feel what I wrote above still holds ground for me.

    I sometimes feel that I talk too much then can't help really.. 🙂

    Please reply what you all think?


  4. It is Awesome Rahul…I salute you and really proud of you. I agree withh Esha and you should try what the guy asked you too do……try..try until you succeed..cause that is mantra of living lifeing size..All the best….and make me a part of it..:)


  5. Hey Rahul, read ur blog and honestly during the time I felt goose bumps. You have such clear and divine thoughts that ppl including me bound to be your fan.. I am glad and fortunate that I have buddy like you. And also I would like to thank you for something that indirectly gave me strength and seems my own probs are such small that can not even compared with others..


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