Back again..because its getting complicated.

Hi Frnz
I’m back again on my blog.. its freezing cold even hard to type but something inside me is constantly pushing me to write and not to get into the blanket..lolz.
Thanks to Himesh Reshamiya’s ‘Radio’ we got one more status apart from single/committed.. and ‘its complicated’ yes it actually is complicated. The art of simplifying things have actually made things complex.
And this concept have given the birth to a whole new concept of ‘Fuck Buddies’ or ‘Buddies in bed’..
If being ‘fuck buddies’ is ok then what is being committed?? I’m not saying its wrong but I don’t approve it either. Actually I’m myself confused. I’d a breakoff more than 2.5 years back but still feel sad about it. My ex gf did not wish me on my b’day I felt bad. Am I still being committed or I’m being mad if the ‘fuck buddies’ thing is ok.
There is a friend of mine for last 3 years. For the last 2 yrs 11 months we were ordinary friends and suddenly this phenomenon hit us and we both were ready to accept. But somehow I realised that something in me is not comfortable with it even though being sexually deprived all through these years..lols. Some people say its ok to be ‘fuck buddies’ if its mutual. Even a logical side of my own self agrees to that. But does every action of us involve logic? If answer is no then why are we being so open to this concept just because it enables us to have access to a morally wrong action that involves satisfaction and at the same time give us the opportunity to prove this right logically.
One thing that I fail to understand, does a relationship is based on logical ends or there is something more to that. If being single is so simple then why the pain of a broken relationship still persists somewhere. And if I’m a logic based person then why I’m ignoring my friend.
Why someone who thinks is very close to you is a nobody for you and someone who thinks you’re a nobody is everything for you? Why this whole concept of relationships is so complex?
Who will decide what is right and what is wrong not atleast me because I myself is feeling so vulnerable about the whole thing.
May be what I said is wrong may be its right but in both cases they’re purely my views based on my perception about situations. If you’ve something that can clear this mess please write your comments and may be we would start a messy discussion to a meaningful end..lols.
No frankly, please give your views..may be you can help me in understanding some troubled issues.

God bless you all..


  1. Rahul, its good to see you with such blogs. Honestly speaking, I never realized you have a havoc inside you regarding love. Well, as far I know about relationship, it always conquers rest. What I believe your mind has stopped thinking about past, but somehow your heart never ignores that and pulls you back in your past. You better gotta get rid of it, the more you invest yourself the more you will lift the pain.

    And about fuck buddy concept, when you are emotional, this concept seems crap and when things are happening around you, you don't feel sorry about it. This is what I have experienced 🙂


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